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Apr 19, 2009 07:27 PM

Sunchokes in MSP?

I'm wondering how hard it is to find sunchokes in minnesota right now. A quick google search seemed to indicate that they were a winter food. Will they be at the farmers market when it opens next weekend?

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  1. The Wedge has them now. Not sure where they are from to know if the farmer's mkt would
    have them though. BTW, they are also called Jerusalem Artichokes because they are the
    root of the Jerusalem Sunflower, and they taste a bit artichokish.

    1. Pretty sure ive seen them both at the seward coop and st paul whole foods. no comment on farmer's markets, though.

      1. Mississippi Market and Seward Co-op both carried them through most of the winter and have them now. You're right that they are not in season now, and the co-ops did switch from a local source to California/Mexico shipments sometime in the late winter or early spring.

        I would not expect them in the Farmer's Markets for a while ... like most root vegetables, they are really a fall/winter crop.

        1. :) any co-op will have them now, but they won't be at the farmer's mkts for quite a while-- or if they are they won't be local.

          1. Update! Found them at Mississippi Market at Selby Dale over the weekend!