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Onion rings

Hi. I read this board all the time to find stories of foods I am looking for. I've read a lot of descriptions of onion rings where it seems that the big fat cut ones are well-liked. I want to find a different kind. There is an excellent place in Lake Charles, LA called Cotton's Famous Hamburgers. They have the best greasy stringy onion rings. They are not onion "strips" like they have nowadays. These are served like a big pile of super thin, limp, crispy long strings. You can eat them with your fingers but a fork works well too so you can drag them through ketchup. Do you know of anyplace in the Austin area that does them this way?

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  1. I can't speak for Austin, however when I was in LA last we did get some onion rings, not quite like you said, but close. They were completely different than the regular rings you normally get, I agree. At home I cut mine very thin, dip in milk and then a spicy flour and pan fry. Pretty similar, but I loved the ones we had and I haven't found any other place that makes them that way.

    1. Jim's Restaurant, when they're having a good day, has the best thin onion rings ever. The portion size has gone down over the years, and sometimes they're dripping with grease, but when you catch them just right, they're as you describe.

      1. Although the Bake House has gone downhill some over time, the do have the closest ring I've found to this type. They call them onion strings, but they are the closest I've found to the type you are talking about. (The Bake House used to have a pretty good Bacon swiss burger too.) Charlie's steak house in New Orleans served this type of onion ring many years ago. Dirty's used to have this style of onion ring, but no more.
        They are not the extra skinny sort, but Phil's ice house has good rings, slender, not heavily breaded and just a bit greasy.

        1. I know it's a chain, but TL&C has those exactly.

            1. Your description reminds me a bit of the rings at Monument Cafe in Georgetown.

              Monument Cafe
              500 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626

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                I'll second the Monument Cafe rec. Great onion rings as you described, and don't miss out on a simple dinner salad with strawberries and maple vinaigrette dressing or the Chocolate Pie with a toasted pecan crust. They use locally owned farms for produce and other products.

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                  We went to Monument Cafe today. We've been three other times but I never got onion rings. Today I had the Oyster Platter which came with fries, hushpuppies and THREE sides. I didn't want all that food on purpose. I just wanted to try the onion rings, oysters and fruit salad people always talk about. In summary, the onion rings were good but still not thin and string-like the way I'm looking for. The hushpuppies and chile squash casserole were good. The oysters were salty. I gave my fries to my husband because I'm not into them. The fruit salad was unremarkable. Lastly, the waiter was the least appealing thing about the visit. While he provided adequate service, he did not project a friendly demeanor and never said "thank you" or "your welcome" when thanked. The reason I mentioned all this is because while I liked the onion rings, there were enough negatives that I won't be going there again unless someone I'm with wants to go.

              2. i had some limp greasy stringy onion rings at The Frisco. I mean that in a good way.

                1. Phil's on Burnet. Haven't tried them, but saw a basket of them this weekend and they fit your description to a tee.

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                    I wanted to update. I found what I was looking for at Evangelines. I also found the hamburger too. It's called the "Lake Charles burger" which is exactly correct. That is the burger I know from childhood. The onion rings were strings like I wanted although not greasy and limp but it turns out that I prefer this crispy non-greasy version of the shoestring onions I craved. We've been twice since my first post. Both times I had the burger and onion rings while my husband had the Gold Band Creole which he is just cuckoo about. We also had the boudin both times. It is also an exact reproduction of the boudin I grew up with. I would eat there every week if they weren't almost an hour away.

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                      so glad you found what you looked for. It's the little things in life!

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                        those burgers are awesome! and they're 2-for-1 one Mondays.

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                          beekay - I spoke with the owners last time I was there - they are from Lake Charles.

                      2. who has 2 for 1 burgers? where is evangline located?

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                          mmmm....i love evangeline!!! i've yet to try their burgers, though. must remember to do so.

                          Evangeline Cafe
                          8106 Brodie Ln # 110, Austin, TX

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                            yes, evangeline's got the 2 for 1 burgers on mondays!

                          2. Hoffbrau Steakhouse has the best onion rings I've ever tasted!

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                              I had onion rings at Phil's Icehouse last week and they were also awesome.
                              Additionally, the buns are just amazing. I had the 78704 burger and I can't wait to have another.