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Apr 19, 2009 07:15 PM

Citi Field Eats

This past week, I attended 5 Mets games with my husband and daughter and sampled a wide variety of the different foods available at the stadium. Here's a review:
Blue Smoke - the star here was the wonderfully tender and moist pulled pork on a brioche (extra delicious dipped into a side of barbecue sauce) (highly recommended), ribs were OK as were the fries.
Shake Shack - moist, perfectly cooked burger with a tasty sauce (surprisingly delicious considering the mass production required at the stadium) (recommended), and good milkshakes
Box Frites - OK fries with sauces that were not very interesting. Far better fries were found at Nathan's.
Nathan's - Hot dogs always good but this year they have corn dogs - which my daughter loved and we're starting to do a corn dog count for the year (in addition to the Mets wins and losses!)
Seafood area - (I can't remember the name but it is back behind center field) - quite good fried flounder sandwich. The Long Island corn and clam chowder was slighty sweet and contained some ham as well (certainly not the best chowder that I've had but good for a cold night).
Acela Club - We had brunch here prior to a weekend game. Starters from the "Market Table" were quite good including the charcuterie table with excellent prosciutto, salami, tomato salad and buffalo mozarella. The bread selection included some whole grain, brick oven, raisin walnut among others and all was tasty. In addition, there were bagels with good smoked salmon and sable (although the presentation could have been better for the latter). A fruit platter, muffins, croissants, and a cheese platter were all delicious. The hot market table selections were not as appetizing. For our main courses, we had a delicious beef brisket sandwich which was served on an onion brioche type bun and accompanied by delicious sweet potato fries. (Highly recommended). The smoked ribs were tasty albeit a little chewy but they were accompanied by dense, overly chewy and quite spicy corn bread and tasteless cole slaw. The roasted chicken with chimichurri sauce was tender.
I'd be interested in hearing other people's food experiences at Citi Field. Thanks and LETS GO METS!!!!!

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  1. The "seafood" area is called "Catch of the Day" aka the fish shack. I think their chowder is amazing, and the lobster rolls are surprisingly meaty and rich. that's my fav concession in the ballpark, and I Love Mama's.
    it's not hard to mass-produce a mayo

    1. I must say that I disagree with you about Box Frites, I thought that the fries themselves were very very good. The smoky bacon dipping sauce was okay, but it was not the star of the show.

      I also enjoyed the chowder, but it was nothing special. The Po' boy at " catch of the day" was quite tasty but did not have a lot of shrimp and may be too spicy for most palettes.

      The three taco combo from the taqueria is a home run, all around great. Three different tacos with three different salsas. Unfortunately, I was upset to hear that the corn dish at the taqueria was not available, I wonder if is it now being served?

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      1. re: NYLSer

        I agree with you about the fries. I liked them a lot. We didn't think the bacon dip was the best either. But the chipotle-garlic "katsup" is really great.

        They do have the corn on the cob dish now (I think that's what you mean, right?). Or they did on Saturday. Good corn with a sprinkling of chili powder (or cayenne?) and parmesan-type cheese. I thought it was good but I'd reverse the ratios -- more chili powder and less cheese. But I'd definitely order it again.

        1. re: NYLSer

          I agree with NYLSer that the fries at Box Frites were very good. My father and I actually really liked the smoky bacon dipping sauce but I could see how it wouldn't be for everyone.

          Enjoyed the three taco combo also. Realized after I ate them that I had no idea which salsa was "supposed to" go with which taco but no major harm done.

          Really enjoy the fact that sauerkraut, red onions, raw onions, relish and hot peppers are readily available by all the hot dog stands.

          1. re: NYLSer

            Fourth on the Box Frites. They are not the best fries in the world, but definitely a step up from Shake Shack's crinkle cut fries. And I definitely enjoy them better than Nathan's. Not sure if it's because of the shape, but I sometimes find fries at Nathan's to be underdone on the inside.

          2. We sampled a double shack burger which was perfect and went well with the shackmesiter all, the three taco platter which was surpisingly good and the ribs from Blue Smoke. The ribs were the best value--4 huge ribs for $9.50 I think. I can't believe that I just called that value, but it really was a lot of food. Great flavor on the ribs though they were on the dry side.

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            1. re: prdct

              Not a big fan of Blue Smoke, cant see how anything "on the dry side" is a value.
              Will be attending a game soon just wondering how the pricing was on things like hot dogs, burgers etc

            2. I was at the game Friday night , a great game but the chow was bad. In the words of Gary Cohen, it was a small sample, one game and one stand so this is by no means a final call. I go to the game to watch the game so no food is good enough to justify missing a significant amount of action. The lines at the taco stand,box frites and Blue Smoke were ridiculous. The line at Shake Shack was insane. Moreover, you can not see the game while you wait on line. I hit the Catch of the Day and that was my error. I have eaten at Esca about a half dozen times and consider the food decent but not much more. Here is my take on the two items I had
              1. Shrimp Po Boy. What a disaster. The bread was good and the shrimp looked big and meaty but the creole mustard destroyed the sandwich. It was ridiculously spicy with way to much vineger. I love hot food, I had wings from Mudville that day for lunch, but this was horrible. Half way through the first half I pulled out the shrimp and scraped all visible mustard from the sandwich and tried to finish it. I want to taste shrimp in my shrimp sandwich but there is no chance of that in this sandwich.

              2. Lobster Roll. Another error. As soon as they put it down I knew there was a problem. First, the lobster barely reached the top of the roll. Now I don't expect a Red's Lobster Roll where you eat for a while before you even find the roll buried underneath, but this was just skimpy by any standard and was $17. The proof of the cost cutting was that I immeadiately noticed my roll contained that vile weed known as celery. No self respecting lobster roll from Maine( Red's and Naples Lobster Pound) to Manhattan (Pearl/Mary's)contains celery. When I picked it up and tilted toward my mouth liquid poured out the back. When I was near the end the barely toasted roll was gummy. It also had way to much mayo.
              3. The beer was cold

              So, at the end of one, no hits and two strikes. Next game is a day game 4/29, I will arrive when the gates open and try a shack burger and box frites while I watch batting practice. To be continued...

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              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Your last paragraph - that's been our strategy. When we arrive, we go first to that center field area and get something. Then watch bp and slowly make our way to our seats. During the game, we try not to leave the seats.

                Big problem at new Shea this Saturday -- the Promenade level stands all ran out of Brooklyn beer products in the 2nd inning. We complained to several people, manager types. Hopefully the Aramark people will rectify this before our next game!

                1. re: stuartlafonda

                  After two visits, I'm happily resorting to a Mama's hero, followed by a Nathan's footlong if I'm still hungry later in the game. And if I am early enough, I'll stop by Carmel on 108 street and get some Israeli sunflower seeds and other assorted nuts.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    Had the lobster roll today, and my experience was completely different. The only similarity to your experience was the celery, and there was just a bit of it. The roll was perfectly toasted, and the meat had fallen out of the bun all around it. Not too much mayo, and no abundance of any liquid at all.

                    Husband had fries from Nathan's. I don't like fries at the real Nathan's and the ones here were no better.

                    1. re: irishnyc

                      I would note that in today's New York Times Frank Bruni described the lobster roll as a "watery shipwreck" and the po' boy as tasting " more of pepper then shrimp".

                  2. DH just reminded me of another issue that they will hopefully work out. Around the 8th inning, DH went to the Mama's of Corona stand on the Promenade level behind home plate. He was going to get one of the mozz/tomato salads. They asked him if he wanted "that one", pointing to one on display on the counter. DH asked how long it had been there and the woman said since they opened. Uh, no thanks -- cheese that's been sitting out for 4 hours unrefrigerated. DH pointed this out to her and she had some quick conversation with a manager-type (all visible though not audible to DH). The manager came and whisked away that cheese container and put a sign up saying they were sold out of the mozz salad.

                    Sounds like some workers still need a little training. A friend of ours who is an old Shea veteran (beer vendor) was telling us that all the old-timers got slotted on the main/field level and all the new hires were put up on the promenade.