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Citi Field Eats

This past week, I attended 5 Mets games with my husband and daughter and sampled a wide variety of the different foods available at the stadium. Here's a review:
Blue Smoke - the star here was the wonderfully tender and moist pulled pork on a brioche (extra delicious dipped into a side of barbecue sauce) (highly recommended), ribs were OK as were the fries.
Shake Shack - moist, perfectly cooked burger with a tasty sauce (surprisingly delicious considering the mass production required at the stadium) (recommended), and good milkshakes
Box Frites - OK fries with sauces that were not very interesting. Far better fries were found at Nathan's.
Nathan's - Hot dogs always good but this year they have corn dogs - which my daughter loved and we're starting to do a corn dog count for the year (in addition to the Mets wins and losses!)
Seafood area - (I can't remember the name but it is back behind center field) - quite good fried flounder sandwich. The Long Island corn and clam chowder was slighty sweet and contained some ham as well (certainly not the best chowder that I've had but good for a cold night).
Acela Club - We had brunch here prior to a weekend game. Starters from the "Market Table" were quite good including the charcuterie table with excellent prosciutto, salami, tomato salad and buffalo mozarella. The bread selection included some whole grain, brick oven, raisin walnut among others and all was tasty. In addition, there were bagels with good smoked salmon and sable (although the presentation could have been better for the latter). A fruit platter, muffins, croissants, and a cheese platter were all delicious. The hot market table selections were not as appetizing. For our main courses, we had a delicious beef brisket sandwich which was served on an onion brioche type bun and accompanied by delicious sweet potato fries. (Highly recommended). The smoked ribs were tasty albeit a little chewy but they were accompanied by dense, overly chewy and quite spicy corn bread and tasteless cole slaw. The roasted chicken with chimichurri sauce was tender.
I'd be interested in hearing other people's food experiences at Citi Field. Thanks and LETS GO METS!!!!!

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  1. The "seafood" area is called "Catch of the Day" aka the fish shack. I think their chowder is amazing, and the lobster rolls are surprisingly meaty and rich. that's my fav concession in the ballpark, and I Love Mama's.
    it's not hard to mass-produce a mayo

    1. I must say that I disagree with you about Box Frites, I thought that the fries themselves were very very good. The smoky bacon dipping sauce was okay, but it was not the star of the show.

      I also enjoyed the chowder, but it was nothing special. The Po' boy at " catch of the day" was quite tasty but did not have a lot of shrimp and may be too spicy for most palettes.

      The three taco combo from the taqueria is a home run, all around great. Three different tacos with three different salsas. Unfortunately, I was upset to hear that the corn dish at the taqueria was not available, I wonder if is it now being served?

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        I agree with you about the fries. I liked them a lot. We didn't think the bacon dip was the best either. But the chipotle-garlic "katsup" is really great.

        They do have the corn on the cob dish now (I think that's what you mean, right?). Or they did on Saturday. Good corn with a sprinkling of chili powder (or cayenne?) and parmesan-type cheese. I thought it was good but I'd reverse the ratios -- more chili powder and less cheese. But I'd definitely order it again.

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          I agree with NYLSer that the fries at Box Frites were very good. My father and I actually really liked the smoky bacon dipping sauce but I could see how it wouldn't be for everyone.

          Enjoyed the three taco combo also. Realized after I ate them that I had no idea which salsa was "supposed to" go with which taco but no major harm done.

          Really enjoy the fact that sauerkraut, red onions, raw onions, relish and hot peppers are readily available by all the hot dog stands.

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            Fourth on the Box Frites. They are not the best fries in the world, but definitely a step up from Shake Shack's crinkle cut fries. And I definitely enjoy them better than Nathan's. Not sure if it's because of the shape, but I sometimes find fries at Nathan's to be underdone on the inside.

          2. We sampled a double shack burger which was perfect and went well with the shackmesiter all, the three taco platter which was surpisingly good and the ribs from Blue Smoke. The ribs were the best value--4 huge ribs for $9.50 I think. I can't believe that I just called that value, but it really was a lot of food. Great flavor on the ribs though they were on the dry side.

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              Not a big fan of Blue Smoke, cant see how anything "on the dry side" is a value.
              Will be attending a game soon just wondering how the pricing was on things like hot dogs, burgers etc

            2. I was at the game Friday night , a great game but the chow was bad. In the words of Gary Cohen, it was a small sample, one game and one stand so this is by no means a final call. I go to the game to watch the game so no food is good enough to justify missing a significant amount of action. The lines at the taco stand,box frites and Blue Smoke were ridiculous. The line at Shake Shack was insane. Moreover, you can not see the game while you wait on line. I hit the Catch of the Day and that was my error. I have eaten at Esca about a half dozen times and consider the food decent but not much more. Here is my take on the two items I had
              1. Shrimp Po Boy. What a disaster. The bread was good and the shrimp looked big and meaty but the creole mustard destroyed the sandwich. It was ridiculously spicy with way to much vineger. I love hot food, I had wings from Mudville that day for lunch, but this was horrible. Half way through the first half I pulled out the shrimp and scraped all visible mustard from the sandwich and tried to finish it. I want to taste shrimp in my shrimp sandwich but there is no chance of that in this sandwich.

              2. Lobster Roll. Another error. As soon as they put it down I knew there was a problem. First, the lobster barely reached the top of the roll. Now I don't expect a Red's Lobster Roll where you eat for a while before you even find the roll buried underneath, but this was just skimpy by any standard and was $17. The proof of the cost cutting was that I immeadiately noticed my roll contained that vile weed known as celery. No self respecting lobster roll from Maine( Red's and Naples Lobster Pound) to Manhattan (Pearl/Mary's)contains celery. When I picked it up and tilted toward my mouth liquid poured out the back. When I was near the end the barely toasted roll was gummy. It also had way to much mayo.
              3. The beer was cold

              So, at the end of one, no hits and two strikes. Next game is a day game 4/29, I will arrive when the gates open and try a shack burger and box frites while I watch batting practice. To be continued...

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                Your last paragraph - that's been our strategy. When we arrive, we go first to that center field area and get something. Then watch bp and slowly make our way to our seats. During the game, we try not to leave the seats.

                Big problem at new Shea this Saturday -- the Promenade level stands all ran out of Brooklyn beer products in the 2nd inning. We complained to several people, manager types. Hopefully the Aramark people will rectify this before our next game!

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                  After two visits, I'm happily resorting to a Mama's hero, followed by a Nathan's footlong if I'm still hungry later in the game. And if I am early enough, I'll stop by Carmel on 108 street and get some Israeli sunflower seeds and other assorted nuts.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    Had the lobster roll today, and my experience was completely different. The only similarity to your experience was the celery, and there was just a bit of it. The roll was perfectly toasted, and the meat had fallen out of the bun all around it. Not too much mayo, and no abundance of any liquid at all.

                    Husband had fries from Nathan's. I don't like fries at the real Nathan's and the ones here were no better.

                    1. re: irishnyc

                      I would note that in today's New York Times Frank Bruni described the lobster roll as a "watery shipwreck" and the po' boy as tasting " more of pepper then shrimp".

                  2. DH just reminded me of another issue that they will hopefully work out. Around the 8th inning, DH went to the Mama's of Corona stand on the Promenade level behind home plate. He was going to get one of the mozz/tomato salads. They asked him if he wanted "that one", pointing to one on display on the counter. DH asked how long it had been there and the woman said since they opened. Uh, no thanks -- cheese that's been sitting out for 4 hours unrefrigerated. DH pointed this out to her and she had some quick conversation with a manager-type (all visible though not audible to DH). The manager came and whisked away that cheese container and put a sign up saying they were sold out of the mozz salad.

                    Sounds like some workers still need a little training. A friend of ours who is an old Shea veteran (beer vendor) was telling us that all the old-timers got slotted on the main/field level and all the new hires were put up on the promenade.

                    1. have to say, if you're able to sit in the sterling club (from dugout to dugout on the field level), you can have a shack burger delivered to your seats in about 2 minutes from the time you order it. over the course of two games, had a shack burger, shack-cago dog, blue smoke wings, and box frites delivered to the seats. all piping hot and all awesome. menu is very limited right now, shack burger, two dogs, pulled pork sandwich, wings, and fries and a few beers. was told that by next homestand they should have all the centerfield concessions on the delivery menu. haven't had a chance to try the delta360sky club but the burger i saw someone eating looked very tasty.

                      1. Just wanted to post a minor rant. DH and I have settled into a bit of a routine when heading out to new-Shea. I was a tad disappointed today to learn of a change at the Box Frites stand. I really like the fries and we've been getting them each time. Well, today was the first time (for us) that the large box came with only 1 sauce instead of 2. I asked about that -- yes, it's a change. At least the person managed to look a little sheepish when she said it. And an extra sauce will cost you $1. Ouch. Essentially raising the prices after a month. Gotta love that, right?

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                          A few thoughts on our experiences...

                          We had the same issue with Box Frites, except the guy at the register over didn't charge for the extra sauce, but my cashier did. I got a large box with the chipotle and the blue cheese, and paid an extra buck. At the next register over, the patron received one of each sauce 'because it was their first time getting them' (that was what they told the cashier), and didn't pay extra... Not the fault of our cashier I guess, if they're supposed to charge. Just our fault for getting the wrong cashier!!

                          Also, loved the Blue Smoke wings - tasty sauce. Would be better on wings that aren't soggy from sitting in a box. My son enjoyed the Pulled Pork sammy - although he's really not too fussy.

                          Shake Shack is delish - loved the black and white shake!

                          Also really enjoy the Chicken Mole Pipian Tacos - very tasty for ballpark fare. Corn is 'up and running' now at the taqueria, but we had a boat load of other food, so we didn't get it. Next time... ;-)

                          Sat in Caesars Club seats on Monday - found that the lines were longer there than on the concourse, so if you're in 'da club' and want regular dogs/fries kind of stuff, head out to the concourse in the seating bowl area - the lines might be shorter.

                          Overall, so much better than Shea... A little pricey, but very tasty I thought! But poor Mama's - I haven't had one of her sandwiches yet! I'll just have to go to Mama's to get one when the Mets are out of town!

                        2. I went yesterday and had the Blue Smoke pulled pork sandwich. Pretty tasty, and fairly priced at $9.00. I thought the accompanying sauce was a tad salty but I could live with that. Total wait an hour before game time - 2 minutes.

                          There was a substantial line for Shake Shack. There's no way I'll wait on line for a fast food hamburger.

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                          1. re: Bob Martinez

                            I was also there yesterday. What a beautiful day to watch a game.I got on the Shake Shack line at 11:58 and got served at 12:12, not bad. I'm a Shack lover but even I won't wait on line while the game is on. I got a double Shack and it was great. My complaint though is that they only have vanilla custard and I'm a chocolate lover and the black and white doesn't do it for me.

                            1. re: stuartlafonda

                              What a beautiful day for a game.

                          2. I heard in September they're going to be serving artiCHOKE soup. Go Phillies!!!

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                            1. re: berbadeerface

                              As your punishment I sentence you to eat in Philadelphia forever.

                              1. re: Bob Martinez

                                :) I'm actually not from Philly originally but have lived here 5 years, and visited a lot since I was a kid. Philly food is not great in and of itself, but it is possible to find wonderful food here. I have plenty of wonderful Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Mexican and Malaysian food to make the eating of cheesesteaks something to to be reserved for a drunken novelty! As for soft pretzels, ok, I like bread, but really I just don't get the obsession.

                                As for Citi Field, I'm hoping to get up there in August to cheer on the Phils.

                            2. the hanger steak sandwich with garlic fries in the Caesars Club was outstanding!

                              1. Went to Tuesdays game....Got there early(6pm)and the line was crazy for the Shake shack. But it was worth the wait. The Nathan dog I got from the stand was disappointing. They seem to grill them then box it and they are kept below the cash register. But on the plus side they had relish and kraut. Will try more things next game I attend.

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                                  When I went, I had such a great time, but I wished the game was longer!
                                  I really don't understand how people could stand in line for all that time when there is a game going on. Time is so limited.

                                  I love shake shack as much as anyone, but I couldnt justify standing on line while there is a game going on behind me.

                                2. OK- I live in Manhattan and so Shake Shack and Blue Smoke don't get me excited as I can go to the originals anytime. Having said that, I lost my Citi Field virginity yesterday and believe I have developed a winning game plan. First, park (for free!) in Corona in front of the original Mama's/Leo's Latticini, 12 minutes walk to Citi Field. Since it was Thursday (thank God) order the roast pork hero with mozz, peppers and 'shrooms (not available at Citi Field) and a fresh custom made proscuitto, cappicola, mozz, hot and sweet peppers and 'shroom hero and eat at Mama's Backyard pastry shop with fresh cannoli.
                                  Walk over to Citi Field. Pick up the shrimp po'boy (which was good though I agree light on the shrimp) from David Pasternack's (of Esca fame) Catch of the Day, which reminded me more of a banh mi than a po' boy. Next, grab two carnitas tacos from El Verano and a box of chipotle wings from Blue Smoke. Wash it all down with a black & white shake from the Shack and you're good to go. Oh yeah, I think the Mets won 3 to 2 over the Cards. Go Mets!

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                                  1. re: guttergourmet

                                    Over the last ever so dismal stretch of horrific Mets play (nothing new there), my friends and I have been sampling the options at Citifield. I agree with the general strategy of getting there a little early (maybe 6pm for a night game and noon for the afternoon starts). I really enjoy the Shack. we have it nearly every time - arriving an hour early, we have not yet had to wait in line outside the "ribbons". We timed the line: if you are at the very entrance to the "ribbons", it takes 15 minutes on average to get through and out, which really isnt that bad - better than Madison Square Park waits. While the double shack is #1 on our list, i am gett ing a little tired of the fries - I cant really decide what it is but something tastes off to me. Surprisingly, the wings/sauce at Blue Smoke take second prize (I am not a big wings guy) - we had them Friday night during the rainstorm before the second natural disaster of the evening occurred (3 errors?) and they were plump and delicious - with the sauce providing a rich and tasty counterpoint. The fries at Blue Smoke were just average - nothing special. Tied for second is the taco combo - they have done a reasonable job with the fillings and the matching suces are tasty. Does anyone know why the only give you the double taco on one of the three (I cant remember if its the pork or the chicken - when I get tacos off Roosevelt Ave I think always have had the double taco, but not sure). i agree on the shrimp po boy and lobster roll - expensive and not very good. i agree with Stuart's assessment of the overpowering mustard but would even add that the bread was way too big and led to even less satisfying experience for me. I had thought that the fish sandwich could be a sleeper but it was a terrible disppointment - not much fish, too much sauce, altogether a waste. the calamari was rubbery and not crisp at all - shame on us for buying fried seafood at a baseball game. While there is always Mama's, and for all those years at Shea when all there was was Mama's it will forever retain a loyal place in the pantheon of options at Citifield, i still feel like there is more to explore and experience at the new place. We did have one of those mozzarella and tomato salads from Mama's and, unfortunately, it had way too much garlic (overpowering) and it was (unlike the prior poster) too cold which muted the flavors. Has anyone tried the Japanese place - never got there.....

                                    All in all, this is a place wherre we at least we can be proud of some of the food, if not the baseball. And while we might get swept in incredibly inglorious fashion this weekend, at least its not Yankee Stadium (2x the cost, ugly, loud and with some of the worst ballpark food i have ever tasted). Lets Go Mets

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                                      The Kosher Grill outside Section 130 was great. They have this Pastrami Dog there that is to die for. Add some grilled onions and mustard and you will be in heaven. Also had the knish which was round and baked with a little garlic on top. Absolutely delicious!

                                  2. honestly, i am in love with the blazin burger, chili's and jack chz, and a spicy mayo, it can be found at one of the hotdogs + burgers stand on both sides of field level. they have like 5 diff burgers. if you go around 6-9th inning they will make it fresh if u have 5 min, i just order and walk over to watch the game and they call out blazin burger! lol

                                    i goto 2 games a week and have tried pretty much everything, some of the best food also is in the clubs, they have specialty stands where u can get anything from diff. heros to prime rib. i was in the acela club last night but the kitchen was closed at 7th inning. but i picked up a menu, very nice but hi priced of course

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                                    1. re: chefjellynow

                                      What else,specifically, have you enjoyed? The "carved sandwich" and the hanger steak sandwich in the Caeser's club were decent at best, not good enough for me to order either a second time. I will be at the game today, the way the Mets are playing I won't mind missing an inning to get a Shackburger. The knish mentioned above may very well be the side dish to my burger as I am not a big fan of the fries at Citifield.

                                      1. re: stuartlafonda

                                        You don't like any of the fries? Nathan's, Shake Shack, or Box Frites? I'm partial to the Box Frites myself and I think they are eons above the Shack fries.

                                        1. re: stuartlafonda

                                          stuart, if you are in the 'hot dog and burger' line you can get a few burger options, i forget all 4 of them but one other one was a drive thru burger and something else grrr i cant remember. the carvery in cesers i thought was pretty good, i had the carved ham, but that was months ago. like posted above, the pastrami dog is really good, thats on the field level and is a stand like the sausage stands..the sushi looked..ok but for 14-25$ im not buying boxed sushi anywhere lol. the chowder at catch of the day is great when its chilly out, nice texture, not too much salt and a bunch of clams throughout ....

                                          1. re: chefjellynow

                                            Great game, we won and only two players got hurt.
                                            I stood in line at the Shack and only had to wait 15 minutes for my double. That is a great burger. Next time I go and the Shack line is not worth it I will try a 'blaz'in burger". The fries were small and way over salted, fine with the burger but not great. I love the nearby bottle micro brews and at $7.50 I have no issue with the price. It is convienently located, not that far from most seats. The stadium is walking friendly with big wide concourses and there are so many cashiers you never have to wait when you get there. I enjoy grabbing a beer and watching the game from a different spot then where my seats are, and at old Shea you never got to see the game from Centerfield. I wish somebody could report about the Italian food in Centerfield. Won't anyone try the meatball parm? How about the only slice in New York, at $5.75, more expensive then DiFara? How about the fancy cold sandwiches in the Ceasar's Club?. On a final note, the three Carvel locations that offer the ice cream soda had lines that were far to long to wait on.The lemonade was lousy. How do you make lemonade without enough sugar, too sweet is the more common problem.

                                            1. re: stuartlafonda

                                              I've had some of the pizza in center field. I've had the regular sicilian slice (okay I guess, very much like a regular corner slice joint one, a la famiglia, thought not quite as dough-y); the whole wheat grandma slice (not such a fan of the crust but the cheese was much better and I think that was actually real basil on top); and the regular grandma (better crust, pretty okay cheese mixture, chunks of (probably) canned tomato, fresh basil - actually the best of these three). We are usually there pretty early before the game and when there is no one around waiting on line, you can ask them to leave it in the oven longer to get a little bit of char on it. I also like that they have the little "sprinkles" of hot pepper etc. that you can add. Any of these slices are better than those awful little round "personal" pies that you used to get at oldShea. And, yeah, it's no DiFara slice, but it's an improvement.

                                              We too like to hang out in center field. Just wish you could actually buy those bridge terrace seats without a group.

                                              1. re: stuartlafonda

                                                Suart. i thought the pizza was fine - but not worth it given the other alternatives that are available. Definitely not a DiFara's, but not bad. i agree with the commentary on the chowder at the seafood place- nice option on a chilly day. Before i had some negative comments on the fish sandwich (small fillet, soggy, etc.) - I went back , gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. The other thing that is rising on my list of preferences is the chicken wings with that addictive bleu cheese sauce. I am not a wings guy generally, but these seem to have an interesting interplay between the smoke, the spice of the sauce and the creamy bleu cheese. But, the most interesting thing I have found at Citi is the carved sandwiches at the Ebbetts Club. the roast pork, studded with garlic and rosemary is really strong. Almost pernil-like in quality. They tend to want to make it some kind of glorious sandwich with overkill on the condiments (the sauteed onions are good enough), but thepork is really the star. Its got a great a balance of meat and fat (which keeps it juicy) and it flavors the bread without being too dry. Now, if I could only sell my season tickets in the Ebbetts Club section for something more than a 50% discount to their face value. The sandwich is not worth the extravagant cost of the ticket to see an otherwise mediocre, if not offensive team (boo Wilpons), but if you are there and its raining (like always) it almost makes up for it. And the homemade potato chips are OK as well.

                                                1. re: BillyBob

                                                  That roast pork sandwich, as you describe it, is most likely the same one served in the Ceasar's Club. Sounds like a winner so the next time I am offered seats in that section for half price I will give it a try.
                                                  LNG212, thanks for the pizza slice review.

                                            2. re: stuartlafonda

                                              I was in one of the special sections and I wasnt impressed by the food. I like how the good food is saved for the salt of the earth.

                                          2. First visit to New Shea a few weeks ago and was not impressed at all. Unless you go out to centerfield and wait in line at Shake Shack and the other "name" places you are stuck with the same generic medicore ballpark food that you get everywhere else, and this includes the hotdogs. Beer was also the same pathetic selection (Bud, Bud Light....) as in the old stadium, still with only Brooklyn Lager from a can as a decent option. And again this is unless you go to centerfield to the special beer place. For $1 billion you'd think they could have a couple decent beers on tap. And why couldn't they have spread the good food stands around park so you don't have to waste a good part of the game wandering out there and waiting in line? And don't get me started on that big useless scoreboard......boy I sound like a crotchety old man....

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                                            1. re: sadarami

                                              i just read the whole thing with the intention about asking a certain question about beer at the stadium. Then I get to Sadarami post which was the last one until now and i see he is commenting about the beer too. It seems like the only good beer in the stadium is at the 4 places in centerfield where Brooklyn Brewery makes a specialty beer for each of those eateries. I''ve had the one at the Taco place and at Blue Smoke. Most of the stuff at the Beer Cube or whatever that thing is in centerfield is pretty uninteresting and mostly foreign stuff, not too many American Microbrews. Why don't they sell these special Brooklyn beers at its own stations too or at least at the beer cube. It is so ridiculous that you have to wait on the food lines for 10-20 minutes just to get good beer. Especially if ur going back for a 2nd or 3rd cup and already ate. Lastly, supposedly Sixpoint Brewery from Brooklyn has beer on tap in the stadium, but i haven't been able to find it. I love their beer, and you can't get it many places because they don't bottle it. I am going to citifield this coming tuesday and if it is actually there, I want to be able to drink it.

                                              1. re: jpf1980

                                                I think the best you'll find outside of the centerfield area are cans of Brooklyn Lager.

                                                1. re: abu applesauce

                                                  Last time i looked at every stand on the promenade level, this past tuesday i looked at every stand on the field level. Still can't find Sixpoints Craft Ales. I had a Shake Shake single and a Shackcago dog, both of which were very good. Also had Box Frites which i thought were better than the first time i had them back in May. Beer wise, i had a shackmeister ale at Shake Shack, a Goose Island IPA from what i like to call the beer cube in centerfield, and found Brooklyn Lager on tap on field level at one of the first stations toward 1st base walking from the Rotunda. Catch of the Day has Blue Point Toasted Lager, but did not have any of that on Tuesday. It really peeves me that there is no way to get the 4 specially made Brooklyn Brewery beers from the 4 main restaurants in centerfield without waiting on lines that can be 10-30 minutes long. Also whats with just about every food station having Bud and Bud light. They need a little bit more variation on tap.

                                                  1. re: jpf1980

                                                    Unfortunately I think it’s because most people have such a narrow view of beer that they still think bud and bud light are decent tasting beers. I do not even think it’s a poor palate but an uneducated consumer.
                                                    I do think it’s funny that you can pay the same amount for a bud light that you can for a goose island IPA. Oh well, the joke is on them.

                                            2. would never eat the stadium food with chinatown so close

                                              1. I found this place in the local paper... the burgers were amazing!!! they also had wraps and apps.... I went right before the game and was so surprised at how good the food was. It's 1 building in from the corner of 126th & 34th ave.... right at the corner where Citi Field ends.... its a very industrial block but once you walk into the place and you try the food... you'll be glad you did!

                                                I found it in The Queens Chronical

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                                                1. re: metsfan1

                                                  I love the places around the stadium. Willets point is like the last jungle in nyc. always a wild ride around there. you never know what's going to happen.

                                                2. While I should know the menu by now, I generally stick with the meat stuff there. But I'll be going there with a vegetarian this week. Any decent veggie options aside from that overpriced slice of pizza and fries? Does Mama's of Corona have anything?

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                                                  1. re: Miss Needle

                                                    Report from a vegetarian, Mets ticket holder ...

                                                    --Mama's of Corona does indeed have a good option (and probably still the best option in the park for a vegetarian). It's a fresh mozz sandwich with the roasted veggies on it. Just beware that it can be very oily if they are down to the bottom of the bowl for their veggies. They usually make it fresh so you can ask that they "shake off" or whatever the veggies if you prefer. They also have a mozz/tom/basil salad but that came right out of the frig and wasn't so great.
                                                    --The pizza options have greatly improved at the new stadium. The pizza counter that is in CF by Shake Shack/etc. actually isn't bad. See my post above here (the one from Aug. 5th) for a pizza run down.
                                                    --Personally I really like the Box Frites. Much better than either the Shack fries or the Nathan's fries.
                                                    --I recently tried the veggie dog. Pretty standard soy dog. But for me the object of a veggie dog is to put toppings on it so I didn't mind it. I usually stay away from sauerkraut (unless I know how it's made) because sometimes it's made with fatback. But the lettuce/tomatoes/jalapenos/etc. looked pretty safe.
                                                    --They have a veggie burger too but I've never tried it. (Both the veggie dog and burger are at the stands marked "Burgers and Dogs" and they weren't just out, I had to ask and they brought one out hot.)
                                                    --There's the standard knish which I used to love at oldShea. But I got one at newShea and it was just gross -- part hot and part cold and mushy like it had been put in a microwave.
                                                    --Sometimes the Daruma sushi place has veg "shushi" if your friend likes that sort of thing. And there's always fruit and snacks at that "MarketPlace" area.
                                                    --There's a corn on the cob dish at the Taqueria. It's corn on the cob (on a stick) with cheese and chili powder. It's quite good (I might have reviewed that up thread as well). If it were me, I'd ask for less cheese and more chili.

                                                    Hope that helps you. And GO METS. They need it right now. :)

                                                    1. re: LNG212

                                                      Thank you so much for your great help!

                                                  2. hubby and i went last week and he really enjoyed the chicago dog from shake shake, having gone to college in chicago he is constinetly on the look out for a great replica and feels this has been the closest so far in NY.
                                                    I also really enjoyed the beer selection available now at citi field, my leffe was quite refreshing on Sunday, it had to be at least 95!!!

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                                                    1. re: Asumnuthin

                                                      I thought they should have put in a French bistro. They could call it "Chez Stadium". :-)