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Apr 19, 2009 07:12 PM

Anyone been to the Ethiopian restaurant on Rt 198?

I drove past the Amish market and Maiwand Kabob on Rt 198 today on the way to my parent's house and noticed a sign that said Ethiopian. A search on this board yields one brief mention of an Ethiopian Cafe on 198 but the post only talked about breakfast.

Has anyone been? Do they serve dinner? How does it compare to the U street places?

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  1. You speak of Coffee Oromia in Burtonsville. I find it a great place to grab coffee and breakfast. I love their sambusas. They have a couple authentic Ethiopian items of the menu. Being a cafe-style shop, I don't believe they serve dinner. Never been to the U Street places so I can't offer you any insight there. You can read some more about it at this blog:

    Coffee Oromia
    15510 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD

    1. I've driven by that stretch of road 2 or 3 times in recent weeks and noticed the place as well. Burtonsville is still the undiscovered country to me. I think it'd be worth checking out for sure.

      1. Oromia is selling Full Ethiopian Menu now. We took a visit on Friday and the food was delicious we had a combo platter that was no more then $32 bucks we had 4 meats and 4 sides ... I suggest you take a visit :-)

        1. The original comment has been removed