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Apr 19, 2009 06:55 PM

Where can I find really good olives?

I'm looking for really high quality olives. Any suggestions?

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  1. they have a very good selection at murray's cheese on bleeker street...

    1. Pickles and Olives on 1st and 85th. The lemon stuffed olives are great. I have not been in a while though.

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        Fairway has lemon stuffed olives also. The store in Red Hook has a really nice olive bar with orange stuffed, almond stuffed, chili stuffed, blue cheese stuffed and many other types of stuffed and plain olives.

      2. Zabar's has an extensive selection and some are very delicious.

        1. Faicco's on Bleecker, next door to Murrays. they always have delicious cerignola olives.

          1. Upstairs at Kalyustan's.