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Apr 19, 2009 06:48 PM

HK Mandarin Grill any good?

Hello Chowhounders!

Have to take some business guests who are wine lovers out for a lavish dinner. They've all been to the usual suspects and want to try something new. An associate suggested the 6 course wine feast at Petrus on the 23rd or the 9 course at the Grill on the 28th. Has anyone tried the food with Uwe Opocensky in the kitchen?

Appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. This may be just a day late but here's my blogpost about lunch at the Grill.
    I like Uwe, as he brings touches of molecular gastronomy which I enjoy.

    1. I went to the Grill back in January and absolutely loved it. it's one of my favourite places in HK. Consistently great. Petrus to me is too much foie/lobster/caviar/truffle + cream and not much else, though it is definitely fancy-schmancy. I happened to go to both restos fairly recently and blogged about it too, but did a la carte on both occasions.

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        Thanks, guys for the updates. Food looks promising. However, I was mistaken the chef that on the 28th is Martin Berasategui from Lasarte, not Opocensky. In the end, we ended up at the Herve This - Gagnaire dinner on Tuesday.

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          Ooh, nice, and perfect timing! (He was only in town for a week or so, right?) How was it?

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            Yes, he flew in for the week before heading to his new restaurant in Seoul. Dinner was quite interesting but I think some were quite disappointed (saw a one or two parties walking out on the last course.) My guests and I thought it was spectacular but there were ups and downs. It's hard to describe since so much went into every single plate and none was as simple as portrayed on the menu.

            My favourites of the night were a cod fish cake (prepared like a pastry crumble) with a cream herb sauce, a fricasse of lobster with polyphenol sauce that is simliar to Mexican mole and paired with bitter turnip soaked in cranberry and liquor, a bresse chicken on top of a lemongrass panna cotta served in a chicken consomme cooked for 3 days and a mildly sweet blue cheese (sorry forgot the name) with dried fruits and green curry on top of a sweet milk foam. I really cannot do it just justice by description. To tell you the truth menu didn't either. You can see everyone cluelessly looking back and forth between their food and menu. I guess you just have to taste it for yourself. The wine pairing was spot on too. An amazingly adaptable 2006 white chateauneuf du pape was picked for the initial courses. A red chateauneuf du pape was paired for the mains. Overall, a very fun meal. Most of the complaints were the over abundance of desserts: 5 savory to 5 sweet.

            Also went to the Berasategui dinner last night other than the veal cheek main course (wasn't awful but portion was too large and nothing special) every dish was 3 star caliber. Very impressive work. Chef said he flew in 7 of his crew in from his restaurant just for this wine dinner. For under 2000 per person a really good deal.