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Apr 19, 2009 06:46 PM

extra boursin cheese left over

I'm sick of eating it straight. Any good recipes? Thanks.

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  1. Make chicken rollups--spread over chicken tenders or breasts, roll them up, coat in breadcrumbs (panko would be nice) and bake in the oven. You could roll spinach in there with it, too.

    1. Wonderful in scrambled eggs
      great on a tortilla with chicken and melted cheddar for a quick quesadilla
      Great as a sandwich spread
      Great on a baquette and topped with avacado and tomato slices or roasted tomatoes
      Great melted on hamburgers
      Stuffed in celery
      Great melted on roasted tomato slices
      Put some of bread and toast in the oven
      Stuffed in mushrooms with some chopped tomatoes and scallions and stuffed in crimini
      as a appetizer
      Mixed with a few scallions and then topped over sauteed mushrooms on top of a
      grilled chicken breast and topped with the cheese and melted
      Stuffed in ravioli, lasagna rolls or added to any pasta dish is great
      Stuffed with other veggies in pork chops or chicken breasts
      Take a canned crescent roll (pillsbury) spread it on the pastry and then roll and bake

      Just a few ideas. Use use mine all the time. I always have it in my fridge

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        red onion (or watercress), roast beef, pumpernickel

        1. re: sarapeater

          Definitely a good combo, very good.

          How about pump, cucumber slices, arugula and smoked salmon. Another favorite of mine.

        2. re: kchurchill5

          i second the scrambled egg suggestion, with some frozen peas thrown in at the end and even some salmon if you feel so inclined!

          1. Stuff some crimini mushroom caps with it, top with a bit of chopped prosciutto and stick in the oven under the broiler until cheese is bubbly and slightly golden.

            1. On baked potatoes, and in an omelet, are two favorites here.