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Apr 19, 2009 06:33 PM

Best seafood in Tampa area

Looking for the top seafood resto in the Tampa area (Clearwater/ST-Pete's included). I'm looking for the best high-end and then the best mid-range/casual--you know, the place the locals go for the happy hour specials on the raw bar and then some really awesome no frills fish.

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  1. I've said it before on this board, and I'll say it again: Keegan's, Indian Rocks Beach. You won't believe it from the look of the place, but the fish is fresh and well-prepared, the service is great, and it's not expensive:

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      Agreed on Keegan's. Get past the whole strip shopping center thing and you'll find its actually quite charming inside. The food is absolutely amazing. Check the specials board and you'll probably find something unique and tasty. The She-crab soup is just out of control. We were very pleased with this place and can't wait to go again...and again.

    2. Never been to Keegan's but if your looking for high end Island Way Grill on Clearwater is good, their sushi is supposed to be good to!

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      1. re: TampaNativeThatLovesNYC

        Island Way Grill is hit-or-miss, IMO. Much better is Guppy's on Indian Rocks Beach--my fave place when I have a hankerin' for fish only a couple hours out of the water. I usually stick to one of their evening fish specials (or the Sunset Trio of evening specials).

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          Agree with Guppy's on Indian Rocks Beach for the mid-range selection...nice ambience, and I've never been disappointed there food-wise. I used to be a Keegan's fan, but it seemed to be slipping the last few times I tried it. I hear it changed hands or something, so maybe it's improved since I was there last. Conch Republic Grill on North Redington Beach is usually solid, as well.

          For high-end, I like Salt Rock Grill in Indian Shores.