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Apr 19, 2009 06:28 PM

MSP Pan Fried Noodles?

Any recommendations out there for pan-fried noodles (Chinese?)? We've been having to do with the house pan-fried noodles at concourse C in the airport, but this time we are driving to the 'Cities - East side (St. Paul) is better but anywhere between Forest Lake and Rosemount would be easy to get to.

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  1. May not be where you want geographically, but I'd check out Hong Kong Noodles in University Village. I don't remember if I've had their pan fried noodles, but the dishes that I've had there are good. High proportion of Asian students there too, if that has any bearing on the authenticity of the place.

    Hong Kong Noodle
    901 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

    1. I think Vietnam restaurant near the Maplewood Mall has pan fried noodles.

      1. First off I'm no expert, but I had what I consider a fantastic pan fried noodle dish at Caravelle restaurant on Little Canada road just east of where it intersects with Rice Street (49). It was during a bad snow storm and the place was empty, so I don't know how busy the place is normally. Have always intended to go back and order it again but haven't managed it yet.

        This place isn't terribly far from 35E so should be within the region you are looking for.

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          I love pan fried noodles. We ordered take out from peking gardens in the midway strip mall (snelling/university) and it came separated as to pour the vegetable sauce (I just got veggie) over the pan fried noodles at home. They softened up perfectly! They are definitely one of my guilty pleasures.