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Apr 19, 2009 06:15 PM

Best pizza in Manayunk?

My daughter is moving to Manayunk! Need to know a great place to order from for the hungry free movers:)

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  1. I personally like Couch Tomato cafe. Not cheap however.

    1. There are not many pizza places on Main Street, but I second Couch Tomato

      1. Well there is the Coopers Brick Oven Wine Bar adjacent to Jakes which has gourmet to see if they do takeout

        1. don't remember the name of the pizza place but there is this little place across from the manayunk brew pub with a white and blue sign....when you walk in there is a long counter (poss green) on the right and in the back go through a door and there is an area to sit down but its hidden....anyway amazing pizza.

          the name riverside something is in my head but i'm not positive.

          1. add you can never go wrong with tony a's - there is a location on ridge in roxborough, close enough.