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Apr 19, 2009 05:40 PM


Is Fluffernutter a regional New England "delicacy" or is it nationally known?

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  1. Live in Los Angeles and they sell marshmallow fluff next to the peanut butter....what do you think?

    1. I used to live out east, and in other regions, if you say "fluffernutter" you may get strange looks. Those who give the strange looks only do so because it goes by different names. One of those names is "PB&Fluff." Never been to a part of the country where fluff & pb is unknown.

      1. There is a grocery/deli on Milwaukee's east side that is offering 99 cent fluffernutters as a recession special.

        1. I am in Toronto, Canada, and I have always known what a Fluffernutter is!

          1. I've heard of it, but definitely think of it as a New England food. Kraft Marshmallow cream is widely available in California, but the more traditional Marshmallow Fluff is hard to find.