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Is Fluffernutter a regional New England "delicacy" or is it nationally known?

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  1. Live in Los Angeles and they sell marshmallow fluff next to the peanut butter....what do you think?

    1. I used to live out east, and in other regions, if you say "fluffernutter" you may get strange looks. Those who give the strange looks only do so because it goes by different names. One of those names is "PB&Fluff." Never been to a part of the country where fluff & pb is unknown.

      1. There is a grocery/deli on Milwaukee's east side that is offering 99 cent fluffernutters as a recession special.

        1. I am in Toronto, Canada, and I have always known what a Fluffernutter is!

          1. I've heard of it, but definitely think of it as a New England food. Kraft Marshmallow cream is widely available in California, but the more traditional Marshmallow Fluff is hard to find.

            1. I always vaguely knew what is was as a kid, but never had one until college. I am decidedly a PB&J or PB and banana kind of girl.

              Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure I learned the term from reading Babysitter's Club books, which were set in Connecticut...

              1. Haven’t had one since leaving New England umpteen years ago and can’t recall ever seeing marshmallow fluff here in crunchy NorCal. But oh good God now I’m dying for a fluffernutter!

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                  When I first moved to SF from Boston, Fluff was the only food thing I would carry back to SF. A "fluffernutter" made with Kraft marshmallow cream is not even close.

                2. I probably learned to call it that after hearing the more americanized translations of the PB & Fluff sandwich (I'm in Canada), but I've loved them since I discovered them. Don't remember having them as a kid, mine was an adult discovery while I was working night shifts. Haven't had one in years. ....

                  Oh but they're good, got to have a good dollop of both PB and Fluff to make it work though...no skimming !!

                  PB&J never really did it for me....PB&banana, PB&raisins, and yes, even PB&Butter, definitely.

                  1. It appeared on Australian grocery shelves for about a month in 2002. Never saw it again. Thank god!

                    1. anyone try fluff w/ Nutella? or is that heresy?

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                        it's super sweet but very tasty...once a year or so I indulge

                        mostly I put my nutella on pretzels

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                          Oh why did you have to put that thought in my head....nutella with fluff...wow, what an amazing concept! How did I never think of that?

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                            quick and easy little sandwich bites:
                            Using Nilla Wafers,
                            fluff & Nutella
                            fluff, Nutella and PB
                            PB & Nutella
                            add a thin sliver of banana to any of those
                            or a little shaved dark chocolate
                            All delicious.

                          2. OMG....I had a mom that did not know how to cook and grew up having a fluffernutter every day for lunch. I lived in CT. Lynn, MA is where Fluff is made so I believe it is more well known on the east coast. I have not attempted to have one in the past 20 years.....I think I overdosed. Now and then, some Fluff in hot chocolate is yummy though.

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                              Fluff originated in Somerville, MA shortly before the first World War. The inventor later sold his business to a couple of guys from Lynn, where it is still made today. It's always been more popular in New England than anywhere else.

                            2. Growing up in the 60's in Toronto, I don't know any kid who hadn't heard the fluffernutter jingle:


                              1. It originated in NE but, is known across the contiguous 48. In fact, they used to have pink fluff as well as white.

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                                  They still do. It's strawberry, I believe

                                2. Yep, my brother was a big fan here in NC- I was more of a Goober Grape kid

                                  1. My dad loved them and he lived in Chicago his entire life.

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                                      OK, here's the best sandwich ever. Fluff, with the dark chocolate dreams peanut butter made by PB & Co. in New York. Here's a link to the stuff.

                                      Makes a great dessert sandwich!