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Apr 19, 2009 05:25 PM

best burger within 2 miles of state & lake

any recommendations?

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  1. Give the Paramount Room at 415 N Milwaukee a shot.

    1. Smith & Wollensky and Keefer's both have great burgers are are just across the river.

      1. mortons on wacker place has one of the best in the city...

        1. As you can tell from the two previous posts, many of our steakhouses are known for good (and relatively reasonably priced) burgers. State and Lake is the center of the biggest concentration of steakhouses in the city, with at least a dozen within a few blocks. Note that some steakhouses offer burgers only at lunchtime and/or only in the bar. To check menus, you can find links to the websites of all the major steakhouses in the steakhouse discussion at

          Some of the other places known for good burgers are Boston Blackie's ( ), whose location on East Grand is a bit closer to State/Lake than the one in the financial district, and Park Grill ( ), which is at the entrance to Millennium Park at the east end of the Loop.

          Here is a link to a discussion on our best burgers, many of which are within that geographic area:

          You can also read the story that the Tribune did a couple years ago about the best burgers in town, at

          1. Epic Burger! No doubt about it. All they do is burgers, chicken or beef. Cant beat the deal or the taste. Build your own by pickng the meat, bun and toppings. AND it is not a chain like most of the places mentioned.

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            1. re: renerich

              Just don't expect to get your burger rare or medium rare at Epic. Good ffs, tho.

              1. re: jbw

                Epic does a smash technique. Places like Five Guys does it like that, too. I guess it doesn't lend itself to rare or medium rare. That said, Epic is really good at what it does.


                1. re: rubinow

                  I'd go to SRO way before I'd ever go back to Epic. "Smash Technique" = overcooked.
                  Try marc burger on Macy/Fields 7th floor instead.