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Apr 19, 2009 05:19 PM

Yokohama Japanese Steakhouse-Lawrence

Friday, I was taken to lunch at Yokohama Japanese Steakhouse on South Broadway in Lawrence, Mass.
I had trepidation on getting out of the car in a lousy neighborhood and the outside looked like a run down dump. I entered a dated very dark restaurant with two tepanaki grill setups and we were gretted by a pleanat waiter.
The luncheon menu had a number of interesting choices all under 12 dollars. I ordered the Bul Go Ki (described as steak with vegetables) for $8.95. My luncheon partner ordered some sushi items. I expected my meal to be made on the grill where we were seated.
The waiter told me at lunch they cook in the back kitchen

I was very pleasantly surprised with my meal. The $8.95 included soup (miso or clear broth with mushrooms) a salad with ginger dressing, the plate of steak with fresh stir fried (or grilled) vegetables, a bowl of fried rice and a large plate of delicious Pad Tai.

Everything was absolutely fresh and delicious. I ate the soup, salad, and hald the main course with a sampling of the Pad Tai. I ending up taking the fried rice, the rest of my main dish and most of the Pad Tai home for another meal.

This was a great find and I look forward to eating here again soon. If only it wasn't in Lawrence, I might consider an evening meal. BUT, I wouldn't want to be in this neighborhood after dark.

Anymore hidden gems in Lawrence, Andover, Methuen or Tewksbury?
I live in Connecticuct, but have to be in Andover at the Lawrence line (exit v45 on I-93) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...don't like chain and haven't found much good food either.

I have been particulary disappointed in the bad Chinese food served in the Merrimack valley. Any suggestion for GOOD chinese food?

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  1. I haven't been in a while but always enjoyed it as well.

    My new favorite in lawrence is Cafe Azteca - fantastic mexican across from the common:

    Very close to Methuen on broadway st. in Salem NH is a great little Italian place - Ralphie's

    My absolute new favorite (could eat here once a week for awesome chinese) is in Billerica (just off Rt. 3) is Sichuan Gourmet (has to be the best I've ever had):

    Tewksbury has a really nice little thai place in a little strip mall off Dascomb Rd. (Tuk Tuk) - great little bar to sit at and watch a game too.

    If you can come into Lowell, lots and lots of great places too - just do a search and you'll find some excellent diverse ethnic choices.

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    1. re: lexpatti

      Thanks for your response, I don't care for Mexican. I have been to Ralphie's in Salem and enjoyed it very much.

      I'll try the Chinese in Billerica you recommended later this week.

      I do not evr have a reason to go into Lowell,

    2. Little did you know that you were in the best area of Lawrence but you shouldn't feel
      intimidated, most est. will welcome you warmly. Just up the street, Jacqulines and on Common St. Cafe Azteca has excellent Mex run by a family, also there are many Spanish places that do chic dishes, Pollo Tipico for one. There is a thread about Lawrence, check it out.

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      1. re: treb

        I agree...not a bad part of town...I found Yokohama didn't have the greatest food I've had...but it was a lot of fun.

        1. re: merrvally

          Yah, I agree YOKO is Ok but not great, it's more about entertainment.

        2. re: treb

          As it happens, I've seen many of the worse areas of Lawrence..................
          Last week I had to go to the downgtown Post Office

          1. re: bagelman01

            Had you gone further up the street you would have run into Cafe Azteca. Also Tripoli's, excellent Italian bakery up there as well.

            1. re: treb

              ? Further up the street is that North towards Lawrence, or South towards Andover?

              Also, as noted above, I don't like Mexican or Spanish food. My original posting asked for help finding GOOD Chinese food.

              But thanks for your imput.

              1. re: bagelman01

                The PO is on a one way street, if you continue on Common St. across from the common (grassy park) just past the superior court bldg, is Cafe Azteca, continuing on Common St., through Jackson St. intersection, is Tripoli's bakery on the left. Also, Lee Chen on rte 114 going toward N.Andover has pretty good Chinese.

                1. re: treb

                  Although I've only been once I really did not enjoy Lee Chen. I don't think any of the chinese in the area is very good but if we want chinese, we typically go to Bejing on 125 in N. Andover.

                  Also, I like Bollywood in the N. Andover mall...still actually Lawrence...if you like Indian. And agree with the post below ...Sweet Basil is decent thai.

          1. It you like Thai food, you should try Thai Sweet Basil in Andover. Its not far from Yokohama. I highly recommend their Golden Bags appetizer, Tamarind duck, and any of their curry dishes.