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Apr 19, 2009 05:18 PM

Soba in Mizner Park – Japanese/Peruvian - A new favorite

Soba in Mizner Park – Japanese/Peruvian - A new favorite

I have yet to see a review on this restaurant so I thought I would oblige.

The wife and I have been to Soba a few times in the past but only for drinks (as they do some real cool martinis) and caviar but this time we decided to do a real dinner. The menu was reminiscent of Sush Samba on Lincoln in South Beach, which we have enjoyed many times so we had high hopes. The restaurant owner is of Russian descent, which explains a number of Russian/Eastern European items on the menu in addition to a wide selection of caviars.

The restaurant is small and the weather was wonderful so we opted for an outside table. Immediately as we sat down, the owner, Eddie, recognized us as prior “drink” customers who were now here for dinner and treated us to a free round of Martinis. We had a pepper martini and lychee fruit martini, which were excellent. The pepper martini was so good; the wife had 2 more just like it before the meal was done. I had two more martinis, a pear and mango martini, which were both very good, but the lychee fruit was the best.

We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t get the Omikaze dinner as the chef did not have the time to prepare but our dinner was fantastic nonetheless. Instead of your typical sushi and sushi rolls, we opted for a mix of Japanese and Peruvian inspired small plates, which is our favorite way to eat. We basically had three rounds:

Round 1:
Tuna rapped around snow crab - Very good. Fresh. A highlight at any other sushi joint but at this restaurant, it was nothing compared to what was to come.

Scallops baked with lime and Parmesan - One of the best things foods I have ever tasted. It was so good, I was laughing. Fortunately there were 6 on the plate so as to keep providing me with another awesome bite after the other.

Round 2:
Seafood Ceviche - Good sized portion with nice firm, fresh fish and was extremely limey with tons of fresh purple onions. The wife actually drank the juice out of the bottom of the bowl, she loved it so much!

Taramosalata - A Greek caviar dip. I have a soft spot in my heart for this dish as it is very similar to salata de icre, a romanian dish that some older members of my family born in Romania used to make at big family meals. Very silky and salty and perfect on crustinis. Tastes like caviar-ish but at 1/10th the price.

Round 3:
Octopus Anticuchos – Two small skewers of grilled octopus served with three kinds of sauce that added a pesto flavor and some heat. Very good but unfortunately, it was only a small plate.

Tuna trio - Three kinds of diced/sliced raw tuna with different sauces ranging from a sweet apricot sauce to those that packed a bunch more flavor. Once again incredible.

Even thought it’s a small restaurant, there are a bunch of outside tables. While I think this place is the perfect restaurant for a date, the wife and I agree that we could take the kids there as there are a number of soups and noodle dishes on the menu that our kids would love. On my return I will definitely get the scallops, ceviche, anticuchos, and tuna trio again and try a few new items next time.

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  1. raboi>

    She drank the marinade? I'm there!

    Can you give a rough idea of the $$$ for two?


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      6 Plates of food and 4 Martinis ran us $136 pretip. We had six martinis but two were comped. Don't remember the exact prices but most small plates were in the $10-15 range but my guess is the tuna trio was significantly more. We also didn't shy away from the more expensive items. The martinis were pricey but good sized. Three martinis was enough to get me highly shnockered and I'm a 185 pounds well experienced drinker.

      And yes the wife drank the marinade. After 3 martinis she probably would have done it without prodding but after only 1 as in this case, I had to bribe her with $5!

      1. re: advisor_Girl

        *She drank the marinade? I'm there!*

        Don't the Peruvian places sell that as "leche de tigre"?

        1. re: Frodnesor

          Did't know that!! You're right!!!
          Here is a little linky on the subject.

      2. So we went back this past weekend with a couple of friends to see if the food was as good the second time around. Once again, no complaints.
        The wife still was sucking down the Hot and Spicy Martinis but this time, was able to stay in the vertical position all evening.
        The waiter recognized us from a couple weeks before and new we were interested in the Omikaze dinner. It was available but given the larger number of people, we opted still for more small plates.
        We got two plates of the Baked scallops with sake and parmesan and I still believe its one of the best things I have ever eaten.
        A new favorite, particularly, of one of the ladies I was with was muscles with ceviche and spicy red sauce on top. She thought that was one of the highlights of her life.
        Another plate of ceviche was incredible, octopus and salmon anticuchos, tuna, and additional rolls of tuna sashimi stuffed with real king crab and topped with jalapeno slices were magnificent.

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        1. re: Raboi

          Great review. Soba sounds like sounds like a place we must check out.

          "Immediately as we sat down, the owner, Eddie, recognized us as prior “drink” customers who were now here for dinner and treated us to a free round of Martinis."--I like that kind of service.

        2. Still heading back here way too often as its a bit of a hike from our house but its so worth it. Not surprising that this little restaurant has become one of my favorites but it has also become the favorite of my 6 and 7 year olds as they just can't get enough of the tuna tartar. The eldest had 3 servings at $10 bucks each!

          Their ceviche still ranks up there with some of the best I have ever had and is heavy on the lime which works well. The conchas a la parmesana is still one of our favorite dishes of all town and is a scallop grilled with sake and parmesan cheese. We usually get baked green muscles and trio of tuna preperations but this times, branched out a little. Tried a few new ones tonight including unagi crab cake and shrimp osaka which is shrimp tempura suffed with creamed cheese and crab with a spicy siracha sauce and wakame seaweed. The cake plate was dynamic with two good large cakes of eel and fresh crab over a couple flavorful sauces. The shrimp was great and consisted of about 10 nicely dressed shrimp and could have been passed around like an amouse bouche. The drink menu is very interesting and tried a new one tonight - Hendrix Gin muddled with cucumber and a little lime.

          This is another one of those restaurants we should all be concerned about. Great food but not enough people. We were the only ones eating prior to 7:30pm. I bet Applebees was packed though. Please check it out.

          Their website has issues but you can check out their menu at