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Apr 19, 2009 05:14 PM

Mini Stuffed Potato Appetizers

Just curious....I've been hearing a lot about potato "skins" making a huge impact at parties for apps.....has anyone else had success with them...and if soo....what recipe do you like?

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  1. Personally, I prefer to avoid using a single recipe for these appetizers. In addition to being the "spice of life", variety can also be the life of the appetizer plate. I use meats, cheeses, many different herbs and spices, various mustards, etc.. I try not to mix them on the serving plates so that my guests can identify those they might like best for "seconds" but the adventure associated with the variety adds to the fun. Of course, that means several different wines too.

    1. I make them a lot. Now I make two kind. I bake small reds, cut in half, scoop out and restuff and then bake. Mini skins.

      I love to make small reds lightly boiled and then cut off a little of the bottom so it stand up. Then slice a small amount of the top off and scoop out with a melon baller. Then stuff.

      Both I have stuffed with a veggie mix, tapenade, artichoke onions and cheese, just cheese, seafood, mushrooms and cheese, bacon cheese and sour cream, ham and cheese, ground beef. You name it, be totally creative. Which ever method I use rather than the whole or small halves I usually make a few different stuffing so everyone will have a choice. I have one serving tray that is divided in thirds and it is fun to put three different kinds. Also you can add dips or sauces if you want too.

      They are usually fun because they are bite size and easy to make and travel well and always a bit hit. They always get "gobbled" up.