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Apr 19, 2009 05:12 PM

where to find milk curds?

I just visited the CIA and they served homemade mozz cheese-they said they just used milk curds, but I can't find out where to find them ANYWHERE!!

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  1. Start with Italian specialty markets...where are you located? If you're not on the East Coast (or other area with large Italian population), you may have to make the curd yourself...a daunting prospect for many.

    There are online sources, but shipping costs may be an issue:

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      i'm in maryland....not exactly a mecca for gourmet foods. i'll check those websites! thanks!

    2. In the Twin Cities, our local co-ops sell them, though, you might have to order ahead. I think a specialty cheese market might have them on hand or able to order them for you.


      1. You can make your own milk curds and thus mozzarella easier than you can buy the curd product "pre-made." There are plenty of recipes for homemade mozzarella that simply start with whole milk, not milk curds and water. A little online searching will yield many, many dozens of recipes.

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          If you can find a source, buying the curd already made is pretty darn easy.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            I know. But the obvious problem here is the availability of the milk curd. Reading the original poster's question, my understanding was that they thought the only way to make homemade mozzarella was to find milk curd.

            For me, buying a few ingredients like rennet and... milk and truly making your own is a lot more satisfying than simply buying some milk curd and heating it up.

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              I think making your own mozz--even from fresh, already made curd--is pretty satisfying, compared to buying mozzarella from the market. Sure, it's not as great as doing it completely from scratch (ie., from milk), but it is a lot faster if you're someone who is pressed for time.

              In my experience, the rennet is as hard to find as the curd. So, if you can't find the curd, you can't find the rennet. Maybe that's just a problem locally.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                You can't walk into any store and buy rennet, you're right, but you can mail order it VERY easily. The advantage is that while some forms require refrigeration (liquid rennet) you aren't exactly shipping extremely perishable milk curds via the mail. Find yourself some powdered/tablet rennet (extremely common and found online very easily) and you've got what is essentially a non-perishable item.

        2. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, give it a try. My local one carries it.

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