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Help - Its hot and I need gazpacho asap -

Im in Beverly Hills

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  1. Had a good one at Cafe des Artistes, in Hollywood. Don't know if it was a special so you should call first.

    1. Last summer, I had watermelon gazpacho at the Getty Museum restaurant (the nice one, not the cafe). It was so good, I emailed the chef and asked for the recipe, but never received a reply. Watermelon is not yet really in season, but then again, neither are tomatoes.

      1. I had a great spicy one at FROMA cheese shop on melrose west of fairfax

        1. An "Wolfgang Puck To Go" at Gelson's has it. Not bad.

          1. Tasca Wine Bar does a traditional tomato based one

            Breadbar does an interesting rendition

            Cobras & Matadors

            1. Daily Grill has a good gazpacho.

              1. I don't know if this is helpful - but the Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) has the EASIEST and most delicious gazpacho recipe (google it). You basically buy a large can of tomato juice and put in your veggies (cucumbers, red peppers, etc.) - that's it!! It takes 10 mins to chop the veg and put it in, plus you can make it as 'sour' (vinegar) as you like! omg, i doubt you will pay for it again at a restaurant. Good luck! :)

                1. My favorite gazpacho actually comes from the Gelson's prepared food/deli. Unfortunately, they generally do not have it until summer. (This is the one that comes from the deli, not the Wolfgang Puck's, which I find way too greasy.)

                  Daily Grill's also is quite good.

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                    These are the two i would recommend as well. I asked for the recipe at Daily Grill a couple of years ago and now enjoy it at home (when I get motivated!) I put daily Gri;; abov Gelsons, but both are good.

                  2. It's the special soup at JOAN'S ON THIRD today!

                    1. Le Pain Quotidien has amazing gazpacho! Urth cafe also has it periodically.