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Apr 19, 2009 04:31 PM

memphis / tunica trip

Will be in Tunica for a day or two before traveling on to Little Rock, Arkansas. Any recommendations for good BBQ places (or anywhere else thats excellent - we like spicy!) either in the Memphis area or in between Memphis and Arkansas? Seems like Crazy Corner, Payne's and Las Tortugas are the most highly recommended, but anywhere else close to Tunica?

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  1. Interstate BBQ is convenient if you're driving from Tunica to Memphis. It's right off of the interstate as you're coming into Memphis from Tunica. Interstate has quality BBQ.

    Craig's BBQ in DeValls Bluff, Arkansas is a good place between Memphis and LR. If you go there don't miss the place across the street that sells fried pies.

    If you like spicy food then you'll love Gus's Fried Chicken in Downtown Memphis. It's spicy fried chicken.

    Both Cozy (not Crazy) Corner and Payne's have good hot (spicy) BBQ sauce in addition to their regular sauce.

    Warning...most (but not all) BBQ joints in Memphis are closed on Sunday.

    1. Excellent suggestions. Interstate, Cozy Corner, Paynes.
      Try the Barksdale for breakfast in Memphis if that works with your schedule.

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          I second the reccommendation for Gus's Fried chicken. Rendezvous for ribs.