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Apr 19, 2009 03:50 PM

Looking for a Good BBQ Caterer in Southern Westchester

Having a casual event in a "rustic" boathouse for 75 or so people. Food must come pre-prepared (although kitchen is available w/oven, stove, fridge).

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  1. we've had success with the Great American Barbecue Company for annual picnics for a non-profit organization. bbq's are held at local park and we get 75-100 people. they bring their own bbqs and cook outside. have used them annually for more than 5 years.

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      IIRC GAB Company is part of the group that also runs Sam's. While I have not used GAB, I have used the company to do other caterer and they do it very well.

        1. Powells in Harrison does a nice job

          1. Hate to seem lowbrow- but Ribs on the Run (a BBQ dive in Yonkers) has been reliable in the past, as well as Dallas BBQ (various locations in the boroughs, including the upper Bronx). I found both to be flexible (meaning that you can haggle a bit regarding available options and pricing- particularly when I needed to balance taste, quantity and budget. Dinasour BBQ (Manhattan) may have expanded catering delivery options too... I've ordered and picked up food, then hired locals to set up and serve (worked out cheaper, than hiring "their" staff- but I was exhausted from managing the process). Anyway, good luck...

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              IIRC RotR has second location on Central Ave Hartsdale/White Plains border.