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Apr 19, 2009 03:40 PM


Looking for some fun decent restaurants near Woodstock/Marietta- going to a baseball tournament and we will have about 40 adults and kids (mostly teens) - heard about Dave and buster's -anywhere else- we really like Mexican

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  1. One excellent Woodstock recommendation with your group is Family Tradition:

    This is a typical southern restaurant serving a variety of meals with meat and vegetable choices. There should prove to be something appropriate to everyone's tastes.

    Dave & Buster's is a fun place for young people with dollars to spend. The food is decent. Pappasito's is very near Dave & Buster's, can accommodate a large crowd, and serves (according to reports) very good Tex-Mex. I prefer Cazadore's on Sandy Plains Road, Marietta for Mexican. It is cheap, fast, and good.

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      thanks- can Cazadore's accommodate a big group- seems closer and less expensive than Pappasito's?

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        I would hesitate to say that Dave & Buster's food is decent... unless you frequent McDonald's and consider it acceptable. D&B is fried, fried and bar food at best. The good thing is that the place will keep the kids busy.