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Apr 19, 2009 03:19 PM

Chinese Lunch Truck Near Penn

Late Friday afternoon I finally got around to trying the dilapidated Chinese lunch truck on 38th Street below Walnut whose offerings Craig LaBan praised so highly. At lunch time, the line is just too long for me to endure.

I was very pleased with my MaPoTofu: Large container with nice chunks of tofu that held their shape, crispy vegetables, tasty spicy (not too spicy) seasoning, fluffy white rice. Can't beat it for $3.25!

PS Craig said there's a phone number to call your order in ahead. ~S.

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  1. the lunch truck is called yue kee and it is wonderful, whether or not you agree with laban's taste buds (i tend to question him). the mapo (mapaul) tofu is one of my favorite dishes and the only dish i would say to avoid is the szechuan tofu. their shrimp dishes are lovely, they are good with egg and their singapore noodles are perfect. beef with string beans is also delicious....

    phone number = 610.812.7189

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      Yep, call in your order. You won't understand what the woman on the phone is saying, but 10 minutes later your food will be waiting for you. I've eaten there probably a hundred times and she knows me (after the first time i asked for chop sticks i always get a pair in my bag) but you will not get a smile or much talk at all -- in fact I just got my first "thank you" the other day! But the food is good. I've tried much of the menu and while the mapaul tofu and singapore noodles are awesome, I keep on coming back to the chicken & eggplant in black bean sauce -- it's really superb.