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Apr 19, 2009 03:06 PM

Looking For A Non-Traditional Wedding Venue For 260 Guests

Unfortunately I'm planning a wedding for 260 people during a recession. My fiancé and I are paying for most of the expenses and wanted to know if there are any venues with a flat rate in south eastern mass or in Rhode Island. We just need a large hall or area with some character that would have your average amenities. Money is an issue and we only have about 5,000 to spend.

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  1. have you considered a park? Parks sometimes offer amazing views and lawn, and you can bring in chairs, etc (about .40 a piece) and the park reservation is often less than 100$, sometimes free to reserve ahead of time. This will allow you to DIY more of your wedding, make it feel very local. Often these places have water supply and sometimes, onsite kitchens. This will allow you to spend your money on rentals,food and entertainment. Be aware though, that often there are sound restrictions for these places. Nevertheless, it can be done.

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      The best wedding we have ever been to without exception was a wedding with a very small budget. The families and friends of the bride and groom did everything from designing the invitations to making the dress, the meal and the cake. You name it. Even the band was free- all friends of the groom. It was at a friend's house overlooking the ocean. Tons of people, tons of fun. The only three people who were actually paid anything were three teenagers, two of them mine. They worked hard for $10 an hour, shucking corn, parking cars, serving drinks.....and when they left at the end of the evening, all three girls said that they wanted their wedding to be just like that one. I can't recommend a specific venue for you, which you have asked for, but I can say that you can see this as a wonderful and creative challenge that will be a beautiful day for you all. Nothing unfortunate about it. Have fun.

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        We are actually looking at various parks in RI and MA. The two that I found were dimond hill and goddard memorial state park in bristol. They have bathrooms and electricity which makes having a wedding much easier. Plus they only cost about 100 to rent for the whole day. I'm still looking for a venue but the park looks like our best option. If anyone else knows of any beautiful parks or trendy venues that can hold up to 300 please let me know.

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          I think you mean Colt State Park in Bristol, a lovely park on the bay, But as you know there is always the possibilty of rain.

    2. How about Roger Williams Park:

      I have not been to a function there, but others have that I know and thought ut was great. I have no idea about pricing.

      1. What about Whispering Pines on the University of Rhode Island campus

        1. I got married on a budget in the garden of a historic house in Portsmouth, NH. They charged very little for the space- $300 as I recall, although that was a long time ago.

          There are plenty of historic houses in RI - not the fancy Newport mansions.

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            its 260 people,i think they are gonna need something a little bigger then a historic house.colt state park in bristol is a great spot,bathrooms,great veiws of the bay,tons of space,etc.