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Apr 19, 2009 02:46 PM

Candy Molds Twin Cities

Hey everyone! Hoping you can help me find spherical molds in the Twin Cities area to help me cook through the Alinea cookbook. I am hosting a dinner Saturday, so will start prepping food on Thursday. I have checked with Chef's Gallery, Cooks of Crocus, Litin Paper, and WS. Maid of Scandinavia and Sugar Shack are out of business. Michaels and Ikea have round mint molds, but not spherical ones. Any ideas?? Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'm sure they'll move me if it's not. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Have you checked with Sweet Celebrations? I hope they aren't out of business. They have a few locations and, as I understand it, took over Maid of Scandinavia some time ago.

    They are a wierd combination of really kitschy and really cool. They would have tons and tons of candy molds. And they also have a catalog filled with even more stuff. That may not be timely for you since it's probably too late to have stuff delivered from it, but be sure to pick up a copy for future use.

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      Yikes. I just checked and discovered that Sweet Celebrations does appear to be gone.

      There is a notice on their web site and directory assistance has no listing for them in Burnsville, which is where I usually went.

      Very sorry to learn this. They were a good source for weird candy making and other cookware stuff. I suppose the web is a good alternative, but that won't help you right now if you need them for Thursday.

    2. Try Lynn's Cake and Candy supply in Fridley. They have a pretty good selection.

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        Thanks for the tip. They did not have them, but what a great find! I will use the 1/2 molds which will work for this weekend and order the real deal online.