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Apr 19, 2009 02:22 PM

passover items that disappeared

anyone see goodman's cookies-they were circular either white with a jelly dot or chocolate dusted with "confectioners" sugar. I remember them from my childhood

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  1. Streit's and Manishewitz distribute these cookies.

    Goodman's, Manishewitz, Horowitz Margaretan, and Season are part of one company. I believe that this has resulted in Season and Manishewitz being the primary producers of the company's non Matzo products.(of course, Manishewitz also produces many Matzo products). Therefore, I don't think that there will be many non Matzo products produced under the Goodman's label.

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      Several months ago, October I think RAB food group changed its name to Manischewitz. RAB was a conglomerate of several Jewish brands and a few others. You can check out and see who is under their banner now. My guess is that is why there are/were so many changes to a lot of the products I used to use and probably why margarine is now only available in those huge tubs for the soft version and those difficult to use pound bricks. I don't believe anything is produced under the Season label any more except for the canned fish products like sardines and anchovies. You also don't see the low fat flat packages of Tradition ramen soups anymore. Sure they were high in sodium but they made a quick hot lunch or fast side dish. I guess as companies merge certain competing products are done away with. All of this seems counter intuitive since the kosher market is a growing one. Another case of "greater minds than mine" being in charge.

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