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Apr 19, 2009 02:21 PM

recommendation near Lewis and Clark

I am going to be visiting my daughter this Wednesday. She is in a show and we will get out at about 8 p.m. I want to take her out but don't feel like trekking back to downtown area since I have to drop her back off at school and then head back to an airport hotel. Any suggestion?

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  1. Alba Osteria. Even for Wednesday, make reservations.

    Take Terwilliger (the street that runs in front of Lewis & Clark back toward Portland, but do not get on I-5 where Terwilliger crosses over the freeway, instead, at the far side of the overpass bridge, turn left onto Barbur Blvd and at the next corner go half-right (uphill) onto Bertha. Bertha passes through an underpass beneath Capitol Highway within a very few yards of Alba Osteria (which is on Capitol Highway). Use Mapquest or Google Maps to see the roundabout way to get from Bertha below to Capitol Highway above: it's not difficult to drive, but tough to explain in words.

    1. Either Kurata or Dang's Thai Kitchen, both close by in Lake Oswego. Dang's is on 43, Kurata is on 5th between A & B (make a right from 43 onto B, make a left onto 5th and it will be on your right across from the Safeway).

      I love Alba Osteria but after 8pm midweek is kind of late for them. If you decide to do Alba, definitely make a reservation.

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        "I love Alba Osteria but after 8pm midweek is kind of late for them. If you decide to do Alba, definitely make a reservation." Yeah. New Yorkers. They don't realize that we get up at 4 a.m. on weekdays to start our workdays at an hour when we can telephone New York and not run into their three-hour martini lunches. It should be understandable that those of us in God's Country need to roll into bed a bit earlier than they do. <g>

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          I was just trying to be helpful as I dined there after 7pm last Wed. and we were the last folks there that night. I have no idea what you were trying to be...

          1. re: JillO

            JillO, I am certain that your comment was, in fact, helpful to ericf, and if my comment gave you the impression that I was critical of you, clearly I phrased it inartfully, and I apologize. New Yorkers do live in a different time zone, and tend to think of 8:00 p.m. as a time to start going out for dinner on a weeknight; whereas (as you point out) most Portland restaurants are serving their guests dessert at the remaining few occupied tables at that hour.

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              I'm from NY and I totally didn't understand what you were saying. But, you have a very cute dog as your avatar so all is forgiven... ;o)

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          Thanks for the all the suggestions as well as the laugh. I looked at Alba Osteria.... looks great, and will try in the future when we can be more unhurried. Dang's and Kurata look like great options and will let her decide. Again, thanks for the suggestions.