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Apr 19, 2009 01:33 PM

cuisinart food processor issue

i recently received a newer model cuisinart food processor and the feed tube for chopping has a built in "safety" insert. this only allows for food about the size of a carrot to pass through for chopping, shredding, etc. and everything else needs to be cut down. i was wondering if anyone knows how to disable/remove this piece without breaking the attachment? it drives me nuts!

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  1. I would not disable the safety switch. You could then operate the FP without any top - thats a little too dangerous. You can rout out the whole tube and base of the 'top bit' to leave a straight oval hole going through to the processor. Bits tend to get thrown out though if you don't put your hand on the hole

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      i do not want tot operate it without a top - rather i would like to disconnect the movable "slider" so that i can insert things bigger that a silver dollar. i apologize, its a little difficult to explain without a visual...ultimately, i would like to leave the lock in place but be able to completely remove the larger slider and use that as a pusher,
      this is what mine looks like:
      and this is what i would like to use mine as:

    2. bflobear, I have a similar model and you can put larger things in, just not while the processor is running. Turn it off, lift out the whole (larger) pusher and fill the oval tube about halfway. Then put the pusher back in and continue on.

      It's not ideal, but it works.

      1. MY FP has two removable food pushers. The smallest one is about the size of a carrot and needs to be twisted to lock or unlock inside the larger feed tube. The larger feed tube has a metal spike that inserts in a hole in the rear of the mechanism and this engages the safety lock. It should easily slide in and out of the large feeder tube to allow you to put in full size veg. The metal spike has to engage to operate the blade but the small one does not have to be inserted. Maybe yours in jammed in some way. You should have received a video demo-ing your machine. They are also available on the cuisinart site and you may find them useful.