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Apr 19, 2009 01:13 PM

Dining outside Sunday with grandkids

I'm recovering from FQF and looking for a restaurant for my family, including 4 grandkids from 10-15 that's (1) open Sundays, (2) has outside dining (it's gorgeous here) and (3) kid-friendly. Any ideas?

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  1. you could take the streetcar uptown to Superior Bar & Grill. Uptown: 3636 Charles Ave. 899-4200. they have covered seating that is open air and you could watch life go by on the Avenue. I'm sure they have something on the menu for the little ones.

    1. Byblos or any of the places close by on magazine. If you go to byblos, be sure to try the salmon appetizer.

      1. You could try Amelie on Royal St. The courtyard is great, the food is fair, it should be good for children.

        1. jfood would second cafe amelie. Call for a reservation by thursday for your best shot. And he liked the food a few weeks ago. If they have the frittata it was great.

          also ignore the host. he is a bit of a prima donna and very prissy.

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            Terrific suggestions. Thanks. I will definitely try Cafe Amelie, and the others if time permits.