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Apr 19, 2009 12:36 PM

Best place to get fresh seafood and or chicken eggs near Brooklyn Heights?

hi everyone!

I'm new to the area (coming from the Pacific Northwest) and I'm looking for great places for fresh seafood, poultry, and chicken eggs.

Of course, I'm always looking for great places for produce.

I like to shop the smaller stores instead of places like Whole Foods, but since I've been here. that's been my go-to place.

Also if anyone knows of any good place to get good olive oil, olives or any European specialty foods for prices that aren't cray expensive, please let me know! I feel like this one is going to be a life long quest...

Thanks everyone, I love it here so far, I can't wait to hear all of your suggestions!

C Elise

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  1. I'd suggest you go investigate Atlantic Avenue/Court Street. Sahadi's (between Clinton & Court) is great for olive oil, olives, grains, nuts, dried fruits and lots else. The produce store on the same block (used to be called New Green Pea, but changed its name--orange awning) is terrific for fresh produce. And, about 2 blocks below Atlantic on Court Street is Fish Tales--lovely seafood/fish. Along the way is Trader Joe's, where you can find eggs and many other good things.

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    1. re: Marion Morgenthal

      Hey thanks so much! I actually checked out New Green Pea today (I can't remember what the name was - but it was the orange awning for sure) and got some great herbs for not that expensive.

      I also just checked out Forager's Market over in DUMBO but was really disappointed in their seafood selection. Of course it is Sunday and I'm sure that it has been heavily shopped.

      The chicken eggs I like are the crusty brown farm ones that have thick shells, deep yellow yolks and sometimes still have straw stuck to them. I'm thinking farmers market but am also wondering if there's somewhere closer that has them all the time.

      Thanks agin, I'm totally going to check out Fish Tales!

      1. re: C Elise

        Fish Tales is the primo fish/seafood source around. 9 blocks south on Court just short of President is another fish store that is good, about a buck cheaper. Nice people. The produce place on Atlantic that you name is excellent. Dumbo is a non-player for food shopping. Grand Army Plaza farmer's market has more than one egg provider--wish I could name a recommendation but it's been a while. Sahadis, for sure, for olive oils, olives etc. Do a Chowhound search on the subject of neighborhood sources. Much has been written.

    2. Go to Blue Moon at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market for seafood. Fairway in Red Hook also has a decent seafood market as well. Better than Fish Tales IMO. At the Union Sq Farmer's Market I happened upon a stand which sold fresh wild chicken eggs, as well as turkey, duck and regular chicken eggs as well. Complete with straw and dried mucous on the shells. Very, very delicious eggs. They have fresh killed as well as smoked chickens and ducks and other poultry. That stand, at least of last Saturday, is on the north face of the park (or south side of 17th street, depending how you look at it). For olive oil, again Fairway has some pretty good regular as well as EVO's. Euro foods, it depends what you're looking for. Brighton Beach has a bunch of Russian markets with other Euro products. I know of a Norwegian store on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. Maybe Dean & Deluca on Prince and Broadway has what you want?

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      1. re: bigmackdaddy

        The egg place at the Farmer's Market in Union Square is called Quattro's. I also had the chance to try their pheasant eggs. Fantastic stuff.

      2. Welcome to the neighborhood.

        I think FISH TALES on Court Street has the best seafood and fish in Brooklyn. They have the freshest fish, the shrimp are outstanding, and they will devein them for you at no charge. FT is rated 28 in ZAGAT, the highest rating they give, and we find it certainly deserves it.

        For Olive oil, I go to FAIRWAY in Red Hook. They have so many different varieties, at various prices. They have an EVOO tasting bar, where you can try before you buy. I especially likeFAIRWAY'S own label from Puglia for every day ise, and their French EVOO is extraordinary.

        For poultry I would suggest STAUBITZ, the great Butcher on Court Street. They have excellent quality, and their poultry, incliding chicken, duck, goose, etrc, are always the freshest available. They will cut, debone, filt or pound... whatever you prefer. They also have a 28 ib ZAGAT , and are considered one of the three top Butchers in the city of NY.

        I usually buy the organic eggs at FAIRWAY.

        For produce, I like the Korean market on Atlantic Avenue. Very fresh, great prices.

        SAHADI'S is a great source for Coucous, grains, nuts of all kinds, and dried fruit. I buy the Tomato paste in the tube there, and many other products. Their prices are very low.They have some nice Olives, but I prefer the more extensive Olive Bar at FAIRWAY.

        For great bread, we love the Golden Italian Raisin,try CAPUTO ,on Court Street. For cookies, especilly Almond Biscotti, we love COURT STREET PASTRY. The Biscotti are the best I have found outside of Italy, even better than VILLABATE, which is great for Gelato and other desserts.

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        1. re: Fleur

          Awesome! Thanks so much you guys. I wandered into Almondine yesterday in DUMBO, and was pretty impressed by their pastries, but REALLY impressed by their giant chocolate easter egg on display.

          It looks like I'll be checking out Fariway as well as Fish Tales and Sahadi's. I think I might also hit up Staubitz here on my way home this week.

          I can't seem to find my favorite olive - castalavatranos, but perhaps one of these places will have them.

          Also, no one around here seems to carry my favorite Vodka - Monopolova. At least, not in the bars anyway.

          Well thanks again everyone. I can't wait to discover these wonderful places!

          1. re: C Elise

            If you are in the Heights, you should check out the NYC Greenmarket that is held in the Cadman Plaza behind Borough Hall on Sat and at least one other day per week. While the selection is light at this time of year, it will expand massively as the season goes on. Thats where I would get my eggs among other things. Baker's Bounty stops there with their delicious sesame semolina twist bread. I love Sahadi (which has some very reasonable oils - some very delicous from Lebanon and Greece) along with its other wonderful stuff but I have to admit Ive been sucked in by Fairway's olive oil tasting bar too.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Jen, happy to find another fan of the EVOO bar at FAIRWAY.

              I've been using the FAIRWAY brand ; the cold pressed organic EVOO for cooking and everyday use. The price is low, $12.95/liter. I just ran out of their EVOO from Lucca.

              What would you suggest for everyday use, and for drizzling? The French oils are luscious but very expensive.

              1. re: Fleur

                I taste through the oils on offer at the bar every time I go and vacillate- of the oils usually on offer I tend to like the pugliese (riper tasting) and Barbera among the italians, the Baena and Gata-Huerdes from Spain, the mexican and australian oils. Sometimes the offer some of the more expensive oils for tasting and I will pick one of them up. Of these I think the Barbera blend is probably most suitable for general cooking. We tend to go through a lot of oil for daily salads, dressing vegetables and general cooking. Id just note that in addition to the oils, house brand and also special types above and below the tasting bar there is a big display of addttional oils, from standard euro brands to special oils. along with many vinegars in the general groceries area on the other side of the store. The Castelvetrano the OP mentioned may very well be found over there. I always check the date on the olive oils - want current year harvest or use by date 2 years ahead if possible - and try to keep away from oils which have been standing on the shelf for a long time (this may be a problem with the encyclopedic display - you have to pick through it. and check before buying - also one reason I like their store brand oils, which I am sure have excellent turnover and seem very fresh.

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Thanks for the tips. I love the EVOO from Puglia, but the last time I was there, last week, I didn't find it. They do have a magnificent EVOO from France that is deliciously rich and butter tasting. I passed on it because of the price, almost $30. ( My DH handles the checkout and payment ).

                  For every day use, in Salad Dressings,I would recommend the FAIRWAY Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, aged for 12 years. It is far and above any of the others except for the expensive aged ones, and the price is right.. The Balsamic from O & Co, in Grand Central Market, is thick, syrupy, and luscious. At $30 for 8.5 oz , it tastes like the Balsamics at 3x that price. I also love their EVOO cold pressed with with Mandarin or Lemon. Also available on the Net.

          2. re: Fleur

            I prefer Paisanos on Smith St to Staubitz on Court. Much nicer people and just as good, if not better, selection.

            Fish Tales is very good though I've had bad experiences with their mussels (i.e. too many open shells). Their fresh fish stock is quite good as well.

            Fairway, as said, is good for fish and meat, not for veg though, its terrible for veg.

            Stinky cheese shop on Smith is another good place to check for local artisanal products (eggs, homogenized local dairy, etc). Cobblestone Foods on Court St too.

            Oh and I love the pork store on Court Street (Espositos I think its called...has a big pig outside) for anything piggy related.

          3. i wouldn't call it cheap, but the caputo's store down at court and 4th (not to be confused with the caputo's bakery at court and sackett) is worth a visit. Fresh pasta and sauces, the best fresh mozz in the neighborhood, and a lot of other italian/european things. Can be expensive, but if you like small neighborhood stores, this is the real deal.

            1. As previously mentioned, the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket will have fresh seafood from Blue Moon and several different vendors have fresh chicken eggs. There are also a few vendors that will have fresh poultry. Los Paisanos on Smith Street is a good alternative to Staubitz. Fish Tales has very fresh stuff when you can't find something at the Greenmarket. There is now a fish vendor at the Court Street Greenmarket on Tuesdays. He is also at the Carroll Street Greenmarket on Sundays. Stinky Brooklyn is a cheeseshop on Smith Street that also sells chicken eggs if you don't like the selection at the other places previously mentioned.