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Apr 19, 2009 12:33 PM

Tri tip roast

I am looking for a great marinade for a beef tri tip roast. I want to barq it on a rotisserie. Any suggestions?

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  1. A lot depends on the flavor you want. Definitely preseason with a great amount of salt and pepper, preferably a day or two in advance. (Judy Rodgers' method.) You want some oil, loads of garlic, and an herb of choice. If you are going in an Asian direction you could hit with some soy, sesame, and lots of ginger. If more Southwestern, chili powder, worcestor sauce, cayenne, dried and resoaked peppers. A tomato-based bbq sauce has lots of sugar and will burn -- better on the side or at the end. A pico de gallo salsa is appropriate and traditional for Santa Barbara style.

    To be honest, I love tritip. But I hate the big roasts -- they come out tough and dry. I slice my whole tritip across the grain into about four very thick steaks, at least two inches thick, and season very heavily -- it is a dense, flavorful meat, and will hold up to seasoning. Then I grill over a hot, intense flame, letting things flare up. Develop as much char as I can on the outside, for crust and flavor, but I still want it to be quite rare in the middle. Be sure to let it rest, though you can slice off some of the crustiest bits while you wait.

    1. Keep it simple. A dry rub and cook to medium rare, let rest and slice thin. I agree w/ Nosh, a good char is best.

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        The Mustards Grill cookbook has a recipe for tritip sandwiches that never fails to produce good, flavorful meat. Rub consists of chili powder, brown sugar, salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Cook it with indirect heat as directed, and it turns out great. It doesn't have to be tough or overdone.