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Apr 19, 2009 12:18 PM

Lou Dawgs - King & Portland

Walking the dog today and noticed the place looks like it has finally opened. Southern BBQ sandwhiches" sems to be the theme. Liquor Licence application in the window and a sign posted that says open till 3am. Any one try it this weekend?

Also saw a note at Thuet (Bite Me) on the door from a film company saying anyone who enteres agrees to be filmed. They had that yellow film on the windows that film crews use. Can't be restaurant Makeover because they were still open for brunch. Anybody know what is happening?

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  1. I was on the streetcar Friday night and saw they had an opening. On Sat went by to get a picnic. Inside there's plenty on seating and that day there were 2 or 3 tables occupied.

    The menu has sandwiches (choice of white or whole wheat buns) under 10 bucks: pulled pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken, a fried fish. Fries, Mac and cheese, beans, cornbread, salad and coleslaw are among sides you can get either small or large. Desserts were cookies, brownie or a smoked(?) apple crumble.

    The girl at the counter gave me a coleslaw sample which was creamy. It had sunflower seeds and cranberries but it was too oniony for my taste. She said the only drinks they currently have are pops, water and ice tea but they are working on getting juices and lemonade soon. They cater but don't deliver.

    I ordered the pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches, a salad and fries. Of the sandwiches we preferred the beef but the pork was good too. The meats were moist and flavourful on their own tho the sandwiches come presauced. There wasn't too much sauce like at some places where they try to hide dry or not very good meat. The reg bbq sauce is a bit ketchupy and not that interesting but i liked the smokier "spicy" (not really) option. The fries were under fried frozen things and the salad was a mesclun mix. Overall, the sandwiches were good and I'd go back to try other things.

    1. Why don't they have hours on their website

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      1. Place looks great, lots of natural wood etc.. Tried the beef brisket sandwich takeout.. it was not bad but a little dry.. will have to try it again as the people seemed freindly and I never want to judge a place by its takeout.

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          1. went today had the beef brisket, Overall the meat was not bad, not to dry wih a nice subtle seasoning. I liked that fact that they didn't drown the meat in bbq sauce, but give you the option of more BBQ at the cutlery counter. The bun is fantastic very fresh. like to try to pulled pork next time. Overall a great place to go for lunch. Quick, Cheap and Tasty.

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