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Apr 19, 2009 11:54 AM

how to warm up home made corn tortillas

I'm used to the packaged kind. These look so much better and I don't want to ruin them.

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  1. Your BEST bet is to use a flat bottom pan of some sort. You want to get them nicely warm and pliable.

    IMO the BEST method is to use a tiny bit of an oil medium. I use a tiny, tiny, drizzle of olive oil in the pan for each one I warm up. This allows you to get them just barely to the point of crispyness on the outside, but the tortilla will remain pliable and chewy.

    Microwave works marginally OK but ONLY if you're gonna eat them immediately. If they rest for like over a minute after you nuke them, they are gonna be horrible.

    And as always, if you eat cold corn tortillas, you'll never understand why so many ppl prefer corn tortillas to flour. Everyone knows that cold corn tortillas are disgusting, but I'll choose warm corn tortillas over flour ones just about every time.

    1. Use a flat griddle. NO OIL or other grease. Get the griddle hot, then put your tortilla on it to toast a little. When the first side is hot, flip the tortilla over for another few seconds.

      When I have to heat quite a few tortillas, I put them on the griddle in stacks of two. When it's time to flip them, I flip the stack, turn the top tortilla over, and flip again in a few seconds.

      No oil, no microwave. Please.


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        I concur. Sometimes I pat them with a moist hand before they hit the griddle if they look a little dry.

      2. I put them right on top of the gas burner, and flip them once with tongs. Fast and easy, adds no fat, and you can have several burners going at once if you're nimble. Otherwise I use a comal (griddle, or use a frying pan) heated very hot with no oil. If you use the comal, tap the tortilla with your fingers after you turn it, if they're nice and fresh (the tortillas, not your fingers) they'll puff up.

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          I'm not as spry and nimble as I used to be, and the aroma of my burning digits is a turn-off, and the puffy later has me thawing Pepperidge Farm bread to make pimiento cheese sandwiches.

        2. I second the gas burner (medium) approach. Use tongs and you won't have to worry about burning yourself.

          1. Use a large frying pan. I put in five, with some overlapping, and flip them all ot once with a snap of the wrist.