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Apr 19, 2009 11:28 AM

White Cap, Biloxi, MS

Does anyone know if the White Cap has re-opened? I know it was washed away in '05, but I keep hearing rumors about a resurrection. Anyone have info?

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  1. White Cap, I'm pretty sure it was in the Gulfport Harbor before Katrina, re-opened a few weeks back on 90 in Gulfport near Courthouse Rd.

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    1. re: birminghamvisitor

      Have you heard anything about the food? I use to LOVE the old White Cap and have missed it since that rude Katrina pushed her way into town. I will have to make a special trip down soon to check out the White Cap!!

      1. re: Sister Sue

        My In-Laws have probably been there already, so I will see what they say about it. The White Cap was always one of their favorites.

        Another Coast institution that you don't see much about that I really miss is Annie's- she rebuilt after Camille, but I'm wondering if she had it in her to rebuild again after Katrina- that part of the Pass was annihilated...