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Apr 19, 2009 11:08 AM

Any Ramen Bars around NOVA/DC?

I travel to DC about once/twice a month for business and have searched to no end for a ramen bar in the area. Given my limited time there, I have so far been unsuccessful...
Not looking for a Japanese restaurant with a full menu and sushi, but strictly a noodle joint. Can anyone help? I usually stay around the Crystal City/Pentagon area, but am willing to drive or metro.

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    1. Closest thing I can think of is Temari cafe in Rockville. Maybe try Izakaya Blue Ocean in your "neck of the woods" and I appreciate some info on the place. Thanks.

      1. Hai Ky Mi Gia in Eden Center, near Falls Church, has what I understand is Vietnam's answer to ramen.

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          They make a Vietnamese version cantonese egg noodle soup.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be up there next Wed-Fri to check out some of the places. While none were exactly what i was looking for, the menu at dc noodles looks promising, as does Temari Cafe.

          Eden Center is a regular stop on my trips to load up on Bahn Mi and pastries to take home.

          1. Ren's Ramen on Arlington Rd. in Bethesda - I think it's just what you are looking for!

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              Thanks! I'll hit it up on my next trip. It'll give me something to look forward to after a long day of meetings.