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Apr 19, 2009 10:24 AM

Comprehensive season guide for local fruits and vegetables?

Would anyone know where to find a comprehensive season guide for local fruits and vegetables?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. It varies from farm to farm, since there are a wide variety of microclimates in the farm areas in and around the Bay Area.

    Knoll Farms' growing season calendar is good, though the fact that they have something in a particular month, or at all, doesn't mean you'll find it elsewhere:

    There's a good "seasonal calendar" in the Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook, at least in the original edition.

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      Thanks Robert. I appreciate your help. :)

    2. Here's one from the group involved in the Ferry Building:

      This one is for vegetables but there's a fruit one as well.

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        That's a great table, especially the links to lists of farms that grow each item.

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          That is totally helpful, thanks for linking to it!

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            If you sign up for the newsletter from the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market there is a weekly update on what is in season. Here's the newsletter for April 17 2009. Of course it is for FP, but pretty much covers what is in season currently everywhere.

            Plentiful /returning this month (weather willing): Torpedo onions, chicories, cabbage, Stockton red onions, fresh goat cheese, English peas, rhubarb, basil, raspberries, squash blossoms, dandelion greens, fresh bay leaves, miners' lettuce, hot house tomatoes and cucumbers, spinach, asparagus, avocados, pastured goat, green garlic, spring onions, kumquats, nettles, broccoli, rapini greens, artichokes, baby turnips, carrots, strawberries, mizuna, radishes and radish greens, fava beans, pastured eggs, baby beets, Belgian endive

            Winding down/limited supply: Brussels sprouts, tulips, citrus, lilacs, hyacinth

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              "Winding down/limited supply ... citrus" is so vague as to be wrong. Grapefruits and navel oranges are, valencia oranges and some varieties of lemons aren't.

        2. Check out for what is being grown fresh in Sonoma County

          my chef friend also likes