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Apr 19, 2009 10:05 AM

Gerrard and Jones suggestions?

So I am finally moving back home to Toronto and it appears that I am going to be living in the Gerrard and Jones area. I've never gotten a chance to explore that area, so could you guys give me some ideas of what to expect, food-wise/suggestions? Thank you so much

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  1. Expect a good walk to get to interesting restaurants.

    Suggest you avoid the places that cater to high school kids on lunch break. Pizza Pizza is there, with the usual caveats (it ain't brilliant, but sometimes, coming home in the wee hours, it's just right).

    Head west several blocks to get to Gerrard/Broadview and you'll be rewarded with a few good Chinese and Vietnamese places. My favourites right now are Pearl Court (C) and Pho Mi Gia Phung (a mix, but predominantly Vietnamese). PC is on the south side, and Pho Mi is on the north side; both are east of Broadview.

    And along the way you'll pass a pho place called Peach Garden (?) on the north side, just before Home Depot that I've never tried, but I've seen good comments here about it.

    East of Jones, the few blocks before Coxwell is Little India, with several good spots, including Udupi Palace (strict vegetarian), Siddhartha (mixed buffet), BBQ Hut (they deliver!) and several others worth trying.

    Walking south to Queen puts you in an increasingly interesting neighbourhood, with some new pubs, restaurants and a number of bakeries.

    Hope you find good things.

    1. There's a Chinese noodle/barbecue spot on Gerrard just west of Jones on the north side that's OK and cheap. Can't remember the name. Just a block or so east, Collegiate Lunch is OK as a diner (the high school kids hate it — full of old people). Just west in Little India, check out Lahore Tikka, a weird Pakistani place that's been under construction for ages.

      Tango Palace is a cool coffeehouse at Jones & Queen. The Only Cafe at Jones and Danforth is one of the hipper bars in the area.

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        The noodle shop is the Sum Kee Noodle House. I can't speak for or against it, as there are new owners since I was last there. I know a few people who love it.

        1. re: embee

          I used to eat there a lot prior to the change in ownership but am interested in hearing whether or not it is still good.

          1. re: eller

            Sum Kee Noodle House is not as good as when it was under the old owners of the restaurant. They used to make the best beef fried rice of all the restaurants I've tried in the GTA. Anyway, it's still okay considering it is still the most affordable Chinese food you can get in the neighborhood.

            Recently, I started getting take-out food from them again and will definitely be returning. I'll be back to the restaurant because I've noticed they have a huge variety of dishes for lunch specials on Monday to Fridays until 4pm. Here's the best thing, the prices for these lunch specials are only $2.99 plus taxes. That is $3.38 taxes all in for a lunch special.

            The return of good tasting Chinese food for an affordable price in these tough economic times if you're in the neighborhood. ;)

        2. re: ChalkBoy

          I like Collegiate, for a real 60's diner atmosphere and good food at value prices.

          Collegiate Lunch
          1024 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Z5, CA

        3. Danforth Pizza House on Danforth just east of Jones is very old and dingy, but has great pizza for take-out.

          Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen has fab thai veggie cuisine for good prices on Danforth just east of Greenwood. I've never tried it (still need to) but Rendez-Vous on Danforth and Monarch Park apparently has good Ethiopian. Enjoy.

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            Dukem Ethiopian is on Danforth just east of Donlands and is good. Of course there are many other options on the Danforth east of Jones (Zorba's, Three's Company, Akropoli pastries).

          2. thanks for the help all! much appreciated

            also, does anyone know if there is an LCBO/wine rack anywhere in that realm? According to google maps, there is not, and that may just be enough for me to give up a great apartment with low rent...

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            1. re: hungrystudent257

              I think the closest LCBO is at coxwell and queen.

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                There is an LCBO on Gerrard, just west of Pape. Give up an apartment with low rent because the LCBO isn't close enough? That seems odd to me.

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                  LCBO and Beer Store on Danforth, just west of Greenwood.

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                    There is an LCBO on Gerrard just before Carlaw on the north side.

                  2. I don't know about wine rack but it may be more useful for you to do a search on "store locater" on than google -