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Apr 19, 2009 08:39 AM

Group Dining, Ft. Lauderdale, Wilton Manor?

I'm looking for a restaurant in Broward County, perhaps the Wilton Manors area, as it is the most lifestyle friendly. My requirements are this: Good food and service at a reasonable price. My group doesn't mind paying for good service and food,but they do mind paying good money for bad service. A restaurant that will give separate checks for anywhere between 20 and 40 people, mostly couples. And a restaurant that is "alternative lifestyle" friendly, where we can be free to talk amongst our group and not have to worry about offending anyone.

We've met at Rosie's and just loved the food and service and do plan to return, BUT, it was so loud with the music on a Friday night that our group of 30 people could only talk to the people right next to, or across from them.

CC's Fish Camp is awful, both the food and the service were quite undesirable, although they are lifestyle friendly.

Suggestions please!

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  1. I would suggest Christina Wan's in Fort Lauderdale right off of Federal. The food is always excellent, the service is very helpful and it is very alternative friendly!

    Christina Wan's Mandarin House
    664 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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      Thank you all for your recommendations!

    2. Galanga in Wilton Manors is very lifestyle friendly, I have read many great reviews of this restaurant. Check out their website.

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        I second the Galanga recommendation. Everything I have had there is great and the service is super friendly.

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          Food is good no doubt. Its been a few years since i've been there but from what I remember, not sure they can handle a group of 30 sitting together.

      2. In this area, "alternative lifestyle" friendly restaurants are all over the place. I think you should look for more of a private room though as most restaurants that will take 30 people together would probably be too loud. Consider Timpanos on Las Olas as they have a private room that could easily house your group or how about Buca di Beppo Bepo on Federal?

        1. Its Ft. Lauderdale everything is alternative lifestyle friendly or they wouldnt remaine open. i suggest 3030 ocean in harbor beach marriott fantastic