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Apr 19, 2009 08:09 AM

Parents visiting - both on ATKINS (arghhh) HELP!

Parents coming Memorial Day weekend... Alas, there will be no Babbo, Degustation and the like for me that weekend b/c I need to pay special attention to the Atkins thing. Any suggestions ASIDE from the obvious steak house choices? We are doing a steak house on Sat. night in Atlantic City so I need 3 dinner recs for the Thurs., Friday and Sunday.

I was thinking Sushi Seki, b/c Sekisan does a sashimi only omakase? My parents both love Sushi of Gari and we went to Yasuda the last time they were here.

What do you think of Aquagrill? Or Maybe Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar? Or Pearl?

What about Greek - my dad suggested Milos, but I thought it was overrated. Does it deserve another go?

Any ATKINS friendly ideas welcome!!

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  1. Lure Fishbar has great options for fish and carb free sides. I personally love Pylos for Greek but Periyali is also very good. It's not mentioned on the boards (not that I've seen) but we love going to this Turkish restaurant A La Turka on the UES. Lots of protein options. I'm sure there are sushi places that will substitute cucumber instead of rice to roll sushi. (Haru on Park does this.)

    1. Hill Country always seems to be a place I have trouble indulging my carblust...

      Hill Country
      30 W 26th St, New York, NY 10010

      1. For Greek, I highly recommend our current favorite, Kellari's Parea, on 20th St., b/t Park Av. S. & B'way. Wide variety of expertly grilled whole fish. Delicious mezzes and one of the best moussakas I've had anywhere.

        How about Hill Country for Texas-style bbq?

        Even though you are doing a steakhouse in A.C., I would suggest you still consider going to Keens, where instead of having steak, your parents can order an item not served at any other steakhouse. I'm referring, of course, to Keens' signature mutton chop. They also serve fist-rate lamb chops. Plus, you can't beat the unmatchable Old New York ambiance.

        ETA: I see dan and I cross-posted and had the same idea about Hill Country.

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          I would not bother with Hill Country. They have the worst beef ribs ever at Hill Country. They charge by the pound and we spent a fortune on a bunch of charred bones, with (I am not exaggerating) two burnt strips of "meat" on the sides of each bone, which went down maybe only one fourth of the size of the bone. the "meat" tasted like charcoal. One of the sides I got tasted sour. The other barbecue we got was not memorable either.
          I would not recommend this place to anyone. Worst bbq in NYC by far. Might as well just get some charcoal delivered from the supermarket. It might taste better than Hill Country.

          I suggest Korean as it is very atkins- especially if you get the Korean bbq. There are many places on 32nd west of 6th ave. Just make sure they have bbq, when you enter. If you have never had it , ask them to help you. It is alot of fun and different.

        2. it might be a little close to steakhouse, but what about churrascaria plataforma? fun atmosphere and there's little doubt that protein is the thing.

          1. I'll go the other direction and say the dinner we had a Babbo was low carb! We had grilled octopus with a little frisee salad and sweetbreads. The carb dish was the beef cheek ravioli but there are any number of low or no carb options there or it equivalent. I think accommodating a low-carb diet is almost the easiest thing to do. Hav e a great time.

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            1. re: c oliver

              But if we went to Babbo, I know my parents wouldn't go low carb. :) Hence why they are on the diets in the first place!! So if we went to Babbo, it would be beef cheek ravioli or goose liver ravioli, etc. And I am trying to help them avoid temptation. (hence why my dad said Italian was out - he'd want all the pasta dishes!)

              1. re: rosiemac75

                Ah, I see. Re temptation, get thee behind me Satan, huh?