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Apr 19, 2009 08:03 AM

Crabby Jack's

Went two times in the past five days so thought I would share my experience with you all. The first day my SO and I shared the slow roasted duck poboy, sweet potato chips, and some fountain drinks.

Second time we split the roast beef and onion rings. Not my personal preference for onion rings.

These were some awesome po boys. I think I might have a new place for my RB fix. the RB was the messiest, most delicious thing ever. Totally cured my FQF hangover. And I will definitely have the duck po boy again.

Now I do not know which I love better for Roast Beef - Magazine St. or Crabby Jack's. I like sliced roast beef like they have at Magazine, but this messy, shredded thing I had at Jack's really reminded me of my childhood. My paw paw owned Peterman's in Waveland and had some messy ones just like these. Sooo good. There is nothing like a great roast beef poboy with a Barq's in a bottle! Heaven.

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  1. How about Parkway's RB po-boy?

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      russel's short stop in metairie and ignatius on magazine have some shredded goodnes

    2. Thank you for the review. When we were there (first time for all of us), we did seafood po-boys, which were good. I am with you on the onion rings. They were OK, but not something that made my heart sing.

      I'll definitely try the RB po-boy next time, as I've had some great ones, and always appreciate the better ones. This sounds like one of the "better ones."

      Never made it to Peterman's in Waveland, so I cannot use those as a ruler.

      For me, Acy's Poolhall and the old Frank's Deli were the best, but I've had some good ones at Parkway Bakery and Tavern. Different, but good, none the less.



      1. I haven't had both, but my husband swears by Magazine Po-Boys for roast beef...but he does love the duck po-boy at Crabb Jack's.

        1. try Rivershack's debris style RB next time w/sweet fries and lots of their special sauce.