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Apr 19, 2009 06:13 AM

Any Recs near West Hollywood?

We are staying at Hotel Andaz on 8401 Sunset Blvd & are looking for recommendations on the following: Brunch, Mexican, Sushi & any other must to restaurant near the hotel.

We will have a car, but I don't want to drive more than 20 minutes. Just got back from two eating trips in Dallas & New Orleans which were fab so am looking forward to an LA eating trip.

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  1. Sunset Strip isn't particularly known for great eats, but some interesting bites include One Sunset, Asia de Cuba, Yatai and Jinky's.

    WIthin 20 minutes down La Cienega, you can hit up Lucques, Comme Ca and if you're feeling spendy, Sona or Bazaar.

    And LA Times gave a fairly good look of the RH at the Andaz Hotel so that may be worth considering too


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    1. re: AquaW

      I think it would take you about 10 minutes down La Cienega to get to Lucques, Comme Ca and Sona or The Bazaar and those are all fabulous food recs, top LA places.

      1. re: lotta_cox

        30 minutes on a Friday/Saturday night...

    2. It would help to know what you like on an "eating trip."
      LA food can (mostly) be divided into Authentic and relatively cheap or Chic/Glammy -- there are some overlaps, but not many.
      AquaW has givine you some good recs: I would highlight Yatai - it is a cool little fusiony spot on the Strip but quite unlike the Strip. Other nearby Japanese: Katana (sexy, not such great food, but seviceable), Koi (scene), Yabu (excellent Izakaya and Japanese, not too scene-y compared to the others), Sushi-Wa Bistro.
      The new XIV (Micheal Mina) is, IMHO, a great place to see (decor.achitecture), grab a drink and an appitizer.
      For very good Italian you've got Angelini, Madeo, Minestraio, Amarone. Luques is fantastic, as is AOC. La Tasca is a cool wine bar with decent food. Animal, IMHO, is doing the coolest fairly inexpensive chow-worthy food in the area, as is Umami Burger but its just a burger joint ambiance/funwise. Fogo de Chao for churascurria and Gyu-Kaku for yakiniku are not things you find everywhere.
      Spago is just inside your "driving-range." Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza just squeeze in, too.
      For "real-ish"Mexican close to you there are only two good choices Tere's on Melrose and Pinches Tacos on Sunset. Both are good, cheap and authentic.

      You will have to go further for what most consider the best food of LA Thai (Thaitown/N Hollywood), Korean (K-town), Chinese (San Gabriel Valley), Mexican (East LA, downtown).

      Have fun and report back.

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      1. re: Ciao Bob

        You both have given me some great ideas. As to what I like on an eating trip. I like to try food that I may not find where I live. For instance Miami is not known for great sushi or Mexican. And LA like Miami is probably filled with restaurants that are all about the scene, I am not interested in going to restaurants to hang with the glamourous. I am staying at the Andaz so I can socialize in the bar & have a nice place to stay, but by no means would I enjoy eating at a place that sacrifices execution & quality for scene/hipster feel.

        I have heard great things about Osteria Mozza & Lucques. Having said that I am willing to drive places as I will have a car with me.

        Thanks much for all your recs Ciao Bob & Aqua W.

        1. re: Foodfroggy

          You don't specify

          If you're willing to drive, for Mexican - (not necessarily 20 min...)
          -Monte Alban for Oaxacan
          -Chichen Itza

          Sushi you're near some good places...
          For reasonably priced and good quality, Sushi Ike at Gower
          Urasawa if you wanna break the bank :)
          Mako in Bev Hills for sushi/fusion

          Brunch -
          Little Next Door
          Comme Ca
          for decadence, The Griddle Cafe

          I'd also consider hitting up Sawtelle in west LA

          1. re: Emme

            Just went to Comme Ca with some friends and was disappointed. I hadn't been there since shortly after it opened and it's definitely gone downhill. The duck confit, previously delicious, was now incredibly salty and the spaetzles were dried out. The bouillabaisse was a rubbery fish stew. The only thing decent was the steak frites because the fries are usually quite good there.

            1. re: Slam Dunc

              The one time I ate at Comme Ca was pretty bad, especially the fries.

      2. Baby Blues BBQ

        7953 Santa Monica Blvd.
        West Hollywood, CA 90046

        cool place, great food