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Apr 19, 2009 05:44 AM

The incredible shrinking tuna

This is new to me, maybe not to you, but when I went to Brachs they had a pile of Bumble Bee tunas in pink cans going for $.99 a can. Since that was about what I pay for tuna at Costco I thought that for Brachs it was a good price. Problem is that something just did not look right. At first I could not put my finger on it but upon further examination I noticed that it looked smaller. Sure enough it was 5oz vs. the 6oz that I usually buy. Googling this I saw that this has been going on for a while, but since I always buy my tunas from Costco I didn't notice this. So this is a heads up, can looks cute, but watch out.

In my Googling, I also noticed that lots of people were commenting that the Kirkland tuna is superior to Bumble Bee. First of all is Kirkland tuna kosher and if so, can anyone confirm this observation of superiority that I am reading about? Also, I noticed that lately the tunas that I am buying is inferior to the ones that I used to buy a while ago in that the solid white albacore is anything but solid. It appears to be nothing more than shredded mush. Is that the case with the Kirkland brand of tunas? In the past when I opened a can of tuna it was a nice chunk of tuna that you would flake apart as opposed to the slush that one gets this day and age.

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  1. Kirkland Tuna appears to be Kosher:

    I've never bought it myself, but seeing the sizing issues on recent tuna purchases, I'm going out to check the Chicken of the Sea cans I just bought Friday and see how many ounces they are...

    ...Yep, 5 ounces.

    Just part of the general downsizing/repricing as everything goes up and up. I knew I was getting fewer sandwiches out of the cans.

    I'll have to get a sister who has a Costco membership to pick up some Kirkland (7 ounce!) tuna for me.

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      I have a pile of Bubble Bee that I bought from Costco, they are 6oz - didn't realize that it too shrank from 7oz It will be be Kirkland from now on for me too, especially since I have not been too happy with Bumble Bee's quality as of late.

    2. It is kosher - under OU as I recall - and it is very good.

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        it is kosher, and i dunno if its better, its different

        my mom likes it better, im not enamored with it

        its also slightly p[ricier than the standard brands weve all been buying

        side note, some costcos are carrying the smaller tuna cans as well, itll be slowly phased in i guess, so if u eat enough tuna it might make sense to stock up

        and everything is shrinking in size, an ounce or two here and there, yogurts, ice creams, water bottles, i think initially it was an effort to not raise prices, but prices seem to be jumping as well

        1. re: shoelace

          I guess a consquence of the shrinking dollar.

          1. re: shoelace

            Went to Costco today. They are now selling Bumble Bee tunas in 7oz cans vs the 6oz that they sold before. So now they are selling them as a package of 8x7oz vs 10x6oz. Even though I have lots of tunas I bought a package of the Kirkland tuna to see how they taste and to see how they are packaged.

            For those interested, Costco now has Bear & Wolf canned skinless & boneless salmon in stock.

        2. My in laws buy the Kirkland tuna and canned salmon. Both are kosher. They also like Wegman's brand tuna, and when it's on sale they buy cases.

          1. Interestingly enough the tuna I bought for Pesach was the old fashioned 7 ounce can. The brand name was King of the Sea and it was solid white albacore. I bought it in water and don't know if it was available in oil or not. Reasonably priced at my local Shoprite, 3/$5. I used it for tuna salad and for "matzaroni" casserole. (Think tuna noodle casserole with matza instead of noodles and broccoli instead of peas.) No complaints about the tuna at all. Interesting labeling on the can, though. It states "lowest levels of Mercury." Now I am sure lowest levels are good but wouldn't no Mercury be better? None the less. tuna was good and I actually was able to make a couple of matza roll sandwiches out of a can. I am not sure if the brand is available all year round or not but it was nice to have the old full size can for a change. As for the mayonnaise........well that is a whole different issue!

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              Fyi, the King of the Sea is available all yr round..I usually pick it up at Fairway in Manhattan and they may be carrying it at all of their locations. (Interestingly enough at the store on 73rd St, the tuna is shelved in the "kosher" aisle, not with the other mainstream brands...had me wondering a few times if it wasn't really Seasons brand.)
              I find it a good tuna altho' not as good as Kirkland...but if I'm going thru a heavy tuna phase I eat it for it's low mercury level claim!

            2. If you use your time machine, you will find out that the 8 oz can has kept shrinking by 1/4 or 1/2 or even 1 oz at a time to get to the present 5 oz can. Fear not! I have started seeing 8 oz cans again. The old 4 oz cans shank and then disappeared, so I predict the 5 will go to 4 and all will be right with the world. Until the Incredible Shrinking Package does it again.