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Apr 19, 2009 01:58 AM

Help Me Buy A Carving Knife Please

Hi all,
I'm no Chef and neither is my husband but for a long time now he has been looking for a 'good' carving knife. His birthday is coming up and as part of his gift I would like to get him knife.
The problem I have is that I live in Ireland a long way away from anywhere I can try out knives so I'm going to have to buy online.
I know he prefers a thin bladed knife and wants to use it for carving everyday roasts, chickens etc. as well as that Christmas turkey. I want something that will last but I know he won't want to nor have the time for taking the care of the knife that a lot of you do on here (sorry!).
Any help that you can provide is much appreciated!

On a side note - if I can get a carving knife at a fairly reasonable price I might even be tempted to buy a nife for peeling / chopping vegetables - any recommendations there?

Thanks again and I hope I haven't offended anyone with my very very basic questions / comments :-)

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  1. I'd look closely at the Mac SB-105 from the superior series. They usually sell for around $70 in the US.

    1. My personal favorite line of knives is Eberhard Schaaf, a.k.a. Solicut, one of the smaller Solingen knife makers, They have a heft-with-balance that I have found in no other. We have the "First Class" series with the black nylon inlays.

      The feel of any knife in the hand is a matter of personal preference, however, and the very qualities that one person may prize may be off-putting to another.

      1. forschners are thin, relatively lightweight and very good quality. A lot of people rate them very highly. They do make a carving knife, but I think their chef's knife, maybe an 8- 9- or 10-inch could easily double as a carving knife. Amazon has the 8-inch for a very good price

        here's a carving knife

        you could buy both for less than $50 and use the chef's for chopping too

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          chuck1, I do not disagree about Forschner quality, and here in the United States, Forschners are bargains, but OnlyMe wrote that she lives in Ireland, and I suspect that she will get better value for an EU product.

          1. re: Politeness

            you are entirely correct, Politeness, I checked on amazon uk, and the same chef's knife that goes for $14 in the us of a costs more than 20 pounds in the UK. Curious, since they are made in switzerland, but I suppose there must be some sort of market forces at work.

            1. re: chuckl

              Uh, yes, Forschner is Victorinox which is Swiss, a lot closer to the EU than we are (Victorinox is the original maker of swiss army knives). The current Amazon price of $14 is a loss leader and probably won't last too long, but who knows.... Amazon has some very strange pricing policies, which you will begin to see if you start to follow their prices over a certain time period--HDTV's are a particular case in point, but I've seen their knife prices fluctuate widely as well. The UK price of L20 sounds like a fairly reasonable price for that knife, and seems a lot closer to a "normal" price for that item.

              Pricing bears at best a passing relationship to cost.

              BTW Victorinox has dropped the Forschner name--it will disappear as stocks are sold off--the same knives will be known only as Victorinox going forward.

        2. The Glestain works better than anything else I've ever tried. I'm not crazy about their other knives, but they make the ultimate slicer.

          1. better ask him specifically otherwise it may be a bad idea.