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Apr 19, 2009 01:18 AM

Bottega Louie-What an escape for a Friday office lunch!

My co-worker and I had talked for days on how we were going to pick a day to have dinner at Bottega Louie after work. He beat me to it by going for a walk during his break and checking it out first, I couldn't be sore though because he ended up coming back with the most scrumptious custard filled treat! The next day we ended up walking over with the intention of taking our lunch to go from the deli. We both got salads (the Cesar with chicken was $9) and he got an individual 'slider 'as well. While he paid for his lunch, we were offered a taste of the egg salad (yum!). Instead of leaving with our food, we were tempted by taking in the scenery and buzz all around us and decided to stay and eat at the cafe seating by the bar....glad we did...they make it so easy, even if you are just grabbing food from the deli. The staff was very gracious and attentive and came around a few times to see how we were enjoying our meal. The place is gorgeous and spacious, a vibrant pulse of New York in for a Cal girl at heart! Our hour lunch at Bottega Louie sure beat eating in our lunch room, we will definitely be back with one of their beautifully box wrapped madelines!

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  1. We stopped by yesterday and it was PACKED! We grabbed some Greek salad (good), a rock shrimp salad (too much bell pepper for me) and cold sesame salmon (very good). I am loving Bottega Louie. I hope even after the hype dies down they stay busy and successful.

    1. Had lunch there last Friday, and thought the food was good, but not great. (Home made tomato soup was the stand out; pizza was just okay.) The space is very nice, but gets kind of loud during the lunch hour rush. Service was excellent. Kind of reminds me of Dean & Deluca in Manhattan. In the end, it's a nice addition to downtown, but is unlikely to change your life or feelings about food.

      1. Ate lunch there today and also really loved the space; we had fantastic service as well. Nothing mind-blowing in terms of food, but the carmelized onions and the brussel sprouts were delicious, the asparagus with egg was a bit of an underseasoned miss, though. Peas with prosciutto were also tasty, sausage and peppers were unremarkable. I definitely be back. Also, they have epoisses in their cheese case for $26.95 which I think is the best price i've seen recently by a couple of bucks.

        1. I had a late lunch there on Saturday. My husband and I got there around two. I was surprised they were only offering their breakfast menu, or pizzas--nothing else.

          I had the roasted veggie frittata--good, not great. I liked the space, but felt like the room was stuffy. I can't imagine how it's going to feel at 12:00 in August.