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Looking for a caterer for scones and clotted cream

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I am hosting an afternoon tea and want recommendations for a good Toronto caterer or bakery for afternoon tea scones and clotted cream.

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  1. My favourite bakery scones in the city come from Brick Street Bakery, they have 2 or 3 locations now. Maybe you could pre-order some and pick up some clotted cream at the grocery store.

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      they do???!?!?!? are any of the new locations closer to the west end?

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        Sorry, none in the west end. The original one in the Distillery, one at Queen and Logan, and I know they were planning on one in the Beaches but I don't know for sure if it has opened.

    2. I know Daniel et Daniel does scones and clotted cream as we've had them before for work meetings. Love the clotted cream. They usually provide assorted jams and butter too.