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Apr 18, 2009 10:00 PM

Anjappar Chettinad - Wow

With the closing of Tabla and Chakra, the luxury of good Indian food close at hand has vanished. That has led to a couple of efforts to rediscover some of the favourites in other areas (will miss the Vindaloo at Babur), with some hit and miss experiences.

A friend suggested an expedition to Anjappar Chettinad, past the Golden Mile, way out on Eglinton east. We gathered the troups, and tried it the other night. With the location, it serves buffets at lunch and dinner, which seem to attract people. Don't be fooled. We ordered off the menu, and they turned the kitchen up to 11.

The Tandoori prawns, chicken reshmi and chili mushrooms had amazing flavours, not greasy, and well-spiced.

The Biryanis were sublime, with perfect texture, and a nice side sauce. The keema paratha was sublime, and the curried crab was an education.

In reading about this place in other postings, I've heard many positive comments on individual dishes, but also comments on how this is a suburban chain. In looking into this, there are two locations in Toronto, closely held, with what appears to be great quality control. Definitely worth a visit, but you've got to stray from the buffet to the menu, and let them know you're not afeared of having it like the locals.

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  1. Is this the place that serve 'Southern Indian' cuisine and the food is 'ultra hot and spicy' with fiery curry leaves found in almost all the dishes?

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      The Chettinad region is in the far south, and there is some warmth to the food, though they dumb it down if you don't appear to be southern Indian unless you ask otherwise.

      There were definitely many pieces of the various herbs and spices in the dishes, including curry leaves. Curry leaves are more aromatic, though, with a subtle spice that's infused. Much like bay leaves in application.

    2. Only been there once a couple of years back and I recall myself and the SO enjoying their crab curry.

      Curry patha leaves add a wonderful flavour to dal/daal/dhal/dahl/...however you wish to spell it.

      1. There is an Anjappar Chettinad here in Brampton too, directly across from Shoppers World on Hurontario, where the Kelseys used to be

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        1. re: duckdown

          To clarify I visited the one in Brampton.

        2. Thanks for the review, I've driven past the Scarborough location quite a few times but it never really seemed all that busy. I'll have to check it out!

          P.S. I like the 'way out on eglinton east' comment. It's good to see someone venturing past Victoria Park Ave in search of good eats. ;)

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          1. re: Dr Butcher

            Just tried the Brampton site for lunch last week, and broke my no-Indian-buffet rule as there was a two-for-one deal on and I was with co-workers. I was very impressed, even though it was only buffet. Flavouringsand spice level were spot on (clear evidence of "doing things right", and I got a good head sweat going without having to ask for extra peppers), everything seemed fresh, and I didn't end up with the usual greased out nausea that most Indian buffets seem to trigger in me.

            I believe the two-for-one buffet deal is lunch on weekdays only for the rest of the month.

            1. re: gimel

              confirmed the lunch 2for1 deal on their website (for September).


              The lunch buffet is $8.99 on the weekday from 11:30 to 3pm.

              Might have to check it out as 2 for 1 is great deal.

              Here are the addresses:

              3090 Eglinton Avenue East @ Markham, Scarborough

              Bartley's Square, Unit # 5, 1 Bartley Bull Pkwy, Brampton,
              (Highway 10 and Steeles)

          2. Easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto, my Indian in-laws want to go to two place - Anjappar Chettinad and 786 - every time they are in town.

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            1. re: childofthestorm

              Add my name to the list of fans of Anjappar Chettinad. Eye-openingly good Indian food, even on buffet. Everthing Gimel said.