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Apr 18, 2009 09:36 PM

Recommendations for anniversary dinner in Kansas City?

My husband and I are looking for a restaurant in Kansas City that is "worthy" of our first anniversary celebration. Money is not really an issue; we are just looking for a place with the best possible food and a nice atmosphere (but food is by far the most important factor). We're open to pretty much any type of cuisine. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Justus Drugstore (which is north of Kansas City), Bluestem or The American Restaurant. All of them you'll find discussed here on Chow. I'd say you can't go wrong at any of them. American is very traditional and a classic anniversary spot. Justus uses locally grown/raised food and products. Bluestem is a fantastic restaurant - food is excellent, as is the service. Service at all should be top-notch.

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      I would second the recommendation for Bluestem. Great service and unique, creative food. The atmoshere is very intimate and romantic and is perfect for a anniversary meal.

    2. The American or Michael Smith. Justus Drugstore is too far away to have anything to drink and the service and ticket times leave alot to be desired. If you're not drinkers and don't mind a drive from KC, Pachamama's in Lawrence, Ks is only as far as Justus. However, it's better service and more fun. The American is the most formal and probably slightly more expensive than Michael Smith or Pachamama's, but all three are anniversary worthy. Another plus (especially when dropping cash like that) is both The American and Michael Smith are on the KC Originals program. You can just collect points and use them @another time. I've actually eaten @all 3 in the last week and a half and had awesome meals. You know, I just thought of this- Krause Dining. It didn't readily come to mind because you said KC and it's only a once a year or super special occaision place. We ate there on my birthday and had a great time. You can't get out of there for under $150 a head at the least. Their house is cool and the add on is interesting. The service is always outstanding (I was able to eat there alot when they actually had a store front) and the food is up there w/the rest. If price is no object, that's what I would do and stay the night @The Eldridge hotel on Mass. St. It was renovated fairly recently.

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        I will more than second Krause Dining - excellent food and service.

      2. I would strongly recommend Cafe Des Amis in Parkville. Not only is it delicious french food, they have a rear patio under some grand old trees when the weather is lovely, it's our favorite spot for a romantic dinner.