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Apr 18, 2009 07:34 PM

Sweet Basil (msp)

Made our way to Sweet Basil in Brooklyn Park. Relatively nice ambience for a strip mall joint (or a Brooklyn Park joint for that matter).

Wife and I shared the fried pork dumplings, which were lovely, albeit a pretty easy dish to execute.

She had the pad thai with mock duck. The mock duck was exquisite. Perfect tenderness, with a light and sour notes through and through.

I had the papaya salad as well as the seafood soup. I ordered both at maximum spiciness. This place does not mess around. At all. These are the spiciest dishes I have had since I lived in LA.

The papaya salad was lovely, a great blend of savory, sweet and piquant notes. I could eat that all day.

The seafood soup needed more, though I find myself coming to this conclusion with just about every seafood soup. There were some nice complexities in the after-notes, and the soup was nicely assembled, to the degree that I felt bad taking so much of it home.

To that end, the portions are very generous. $40 will get you wine, food, and 3-4 meals worth of leftovers. There is plenty to recommend here, and if you are into spice, well, here you go.

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  1. Wow - papaya salad in the N suburbs? Hooray! Thanks for the review of Sweet Basil.

    I bought my car in Brooklyn Park a few years ago, and I'm pleased that the restaurant selection has gotten so much better - makes me look forward to those trips to the dealer.