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Apr 18, 2009 07:10 PM

Lamb butcher in Phoenix-Mesa area?

I love the lamb that we get from an Arizona farmer, but their butcher stinks. I suspect that it may be because he is unfamiliar with lamb anatomy (I expect more than 4 ribs per side) or specialty cuts (e.g., saddle). My own butchering skills are no better, so I am looking around for an area butcher who can properly break down a lamb carcass for me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Could you provide the contact info for the farmer? I am an AZ food lover.

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    1. re: Guenevere

      It's A Bar H Farm ( they have great lamb and fresh farm eggs. We also get some beef and chickens, but not as often.

      They deliver to the Phoenix area every 6 weeks or so.

    2. I don't know if they are familiar with lamb but my uncle is a hunter and he always brings his elk and deer here.

      Millers Southwestern Processing LLC
      2689 E Combs Rd
      Queen Creek, AZ 85240

      ps. They are just about 1/4 mile west of The Pork Shop on Combs Rd so you can "kill 2 birds with one stone"!

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        I will check in with them on our next trip to The Pork Shop (cooler in trunk). We don't get our next lamb until September, so I have a little time to check around.

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          Just purchased a whole lamb for Easter. Price was $ 3.00 per pound hanging weight which included the lamb and processing. When we picked it up it was given to us cut-up, packaged in plastic wrap and paper, labeled, and frozen. So far I made both legs and some chops. Taste great. Definitely will buy again.

          Plan to cook the head (capozzelli di agnello) this weekend:)

          1. re: Angelo424

            Nice to hear that you are using the whole lamb!

            Was it an American lamb and where did you order it? We paid $5 per pound for boxed weight (about 40lb).

            1. re: GreekFoodie

              Millers supplied the lamb from one of the local farms. Its hanging weight was about 75 pounds We did not weight the boxes of meat but my understanding is you loose about 10% -15% of hanging weight during the processing (cutting up) of the carcass. At $3.00 a pound we considered it a great price.

              As far as lead time, we ordered it two weeks before we wanted to pick it up.

              I believe you could source the live animal yourself and have it delivered to the plant (or bring it in on a leash).

          2. Interesting thread, I have been thinking of getting into buying a whole pig to butcher / cure / freeze etc. Big if is if the wife will let me :)

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              I hear that the Pork Shop (Queen Creek) will sell half pigs... maybe your wife would agree to that!

            2. I bought a lot of lamb recently at Baiz, the middle east market near 20th St. & Van Buren. With lamb being very popular among those from the region, the market has a varirty of cuts (including whole) and on site butchers. If you're in Mesa, you might explore the middle eastern market(s) over in Tempe.

              Baiz Market
              523 N 20th St, Phoenix, AZ