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Apr 18, 2009 06:39 PM

Lobel's at Yankee Stadium

Although I had to endure Cleveland's 14-run second inning and 22-4 victory over the yankees today i had the best single food item i have ever had at a ballpark. Lobel's Meats (which supplies many of the best steakhouses in new york) has a food station along the left field line on the field level concourse serving "prime beef" sandwiches. Its simply hand carved prime grade prime rib nicely marbled with little excess fat served on a wonderful onion brioche type roll. unlike other ballpark fare one of these will really fill you up. there had to be half a pound of meat and it was drenched in a wonderful au jus. Your sandwich is carved and assembled to order. The best beef sandwich I have ever had anywhere bar none including Lawry's The Prime Rib in Chicago and Vegas!!! Its expensive at $15 but i think its a relative bargain in a place where a beer will set you back $9 and a so-so cheese steak $12.

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  1. Saw this on the news....I'm getting one when I visit. I also heard the garlic fries at YS are very good.

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    1. re: BoboBx

      i did not see it on the news i just walked up they made my sandwich to order and i paid my $15. money well spent!!!

    2. some endured, some thoroughly enjoyed ;)

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        1. re: david sprague

          I second the Lobel's sandwich being awesome- had it today and yea, it ain't cheap but definitely worth it. The meat was extremely tender and juicy (the au jus helps a lot) and the bread was also really nice.

          1. re: razorramon

            au jus does make the sandwich wet, in a good way. lots of people going for the veggie tapenade too. garlic fries are only so-so. yes Lobel's is better but Carl's isn't such a terrible deal when you consider it's a completely different kind of meat and you get nearly twice as much of it. Lobel's is delish but most people will not be filled up by it (and I'm not making a fat crack here)

      1. "Lobel's Meats (which supplies many of the best steakhouses in new york)..."
        Which ones?

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        1. re: wew

          Agreed on the Lobel's sandwich. Generous amount of tender and juicy steak on a very good roll. Not that big, but decent. Didn't care for the garlic fries- way too much garlic for me.

          1. re: wew

            Lobel's does not supply meat to any steakhouses. They only sell through their store on Madison Ave and web site and at Yankee Stadium

            1. re: HamSand

              Lobels is retail can not sell to a rest ,DEPT of Arg law