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Apr 18, 2009 06:04 PM

Pine Island, MN

We stopped at the Rainbow Cafe after my son's baseball game. Just off of Highway 52 on the way to Rochester, this little gem was completely unexpected. Gourmet cafe-style food. I had a really nice spinach salad. My husband raved about his chili, and loved his BBQ bacon cheeseburger. The little ones' PB&J was on a whole grain bread, and our dessert was a very impressive creme brulee. The service was good, and the prices were reasonable. An unexpected joy!

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  1. This is great to know - thanks for the tip! I think I'll detour to Pine Island the next time I go to Zumbrota.


    1. thanks for the review! i live in rochester and have wanted to try... just haven't gotten around to it yet!

      1. I'm a huge fan of this place. I used to make the commute from Mpls to Mayo several times a week and would stop for a treat about once a week on my way back. They have a great dessert menu, lots of selection and everything is home made. I've had dinner there a couple of times as well and always had a great meal. I've been wanting to get down there again. Thanks for the reminder!

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        1. Adding a Places link:

          Rainbow Cafe & Catering
          212 S Main St Pine, Island, MN

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            i wish they have a menu online... just to see what they have to offer and what pricing is like...

          2. We stopped there Sunday after reading these recommendations and the food was phenomenal. They had a "partial menu", as they were serving brunch too, the food was amazing. It really was above par and the menu was ecletic and fantastic. Service was attentive and nice and the atmosphere was also very nice. We will definitely be back soon! Kudos to the owners who bought the place a little over a year ago, they are fantastic at what they do and truly have a passion for it, you can tell by the quality and taste. Thank you for bringing this restaurant to PI!

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              we were there a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the meal a lot. Casual atmosphere but food was "fancy" as one companion called it. Serving size is not big, but I was full with an entree (that came with a soup or salad) and a dessert - though I had room for one more dessert if I tried :) I'd go back just for more desserts!