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Apr 18, 2009 05:29 PM

Maroli - just have to post!

I have been meaning to order from Maroli for a while and finally did it tonight. I just want to let fellow Chows know that this is a great place to order from. We ordered the meal for 2 and were told that we might have to wait an hour for delivery - as they said they were busy, but that is normal for where we sometimes order from, and we were ordering direct from the restaurant so that wasn't a problem . For $37 we got vegetable bhajis (3) with a condiment sauce, then we had Malabar chicken and Chicken curry, with Palak Paneer and a large portion of basmati rice along with 2 rotis. The food was great and the standouts were the chicken curry and palak paneer, The rotis were a tad oily but the perfectly cooked basmati rice made up for that. I am always looking for a good delivery service for South Asian food and this worked for me tonight.Just wanted to let you all know. The delivery area, according to their map is Dufferin, St Clair, Avenue Rd and College. I am adding them to my list of go to places for ordering in.

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  1. Their Butter chicken is also one of the best, if not THE best in town!

    1. Where is it -- do they have a Web site?

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        I've posted about it before but it hardly gets a mention here. All the CH's seem to prefer the high end places on Queen or Bayview. Maroli has very good food at reasonable prices, and is a style you won't get at many other restaurants.

        If you are driving, you can almost always find parking on Palmerston, just south of Bloor.

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          how was the malabar chicken? as good as advertised?

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            Thanks! My husband and I usually order from Banjara or Nataraj but are really keen to try this new place. We'll be order takeaway within the next few days and I'll report back!

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              I assume you mean new to you, as it's been at that location for over a year and at nother location previously.

              deabot: Yes the Malabar chicken is good.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I used to be one of the great champions of Maroli from its original location. I had only been the Bloor Street location a couple of times and not for some time. A couple of months ago, we tried it again. I would agree that the butter chicken remains one of the best in the city. The palak paneer, however, was really meh. Rotis were good. We had something else that was also just so-so, maybe the samosas?

            Interestingly, the owner Naveen was nowhere in sight. When I asked after him, I was told that he had hurt his back and he hadn't been in the kitchen for a while. Does anyone know the story? Naveen was lovely and passionate about his cooking - the place didn't seem the same without him in the kitchen. I hope this is just termporary. Also, whenever I drive by, the place is empty - I hope they can sustain themselves with their take-out/delivery business.

            1. Thanks for the post Lizzie-I finally tried Maroli last night and I agree-it was delicious. We got the butter chicken and malabar chicken and both very tasty and satisfying. This will be my go to for take out and its great that its in my neighbourhood. And so reasonably priced.


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                So glad to hear that you liked it. Sounds worrying though, that according to peppermint pate the restaurant is empty. Hope things get better for them. I would hate to lose them, now that I have found them!